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Comment Re:Fuck the media (Score 1) 207

Of course you are.

But if I service your car perfectly. Leave it in a better state than you brought it to me in, and then you crash it because YOU made a mistake then no I'm not to blame.

Stimulating the well will not cause a fire. You need an ignition source in an oxygen filled atmosphere. I have no idea what caused this particular incident but it could have been anything from an electrical fault causing a spark, a failure in a relief valve seeing heat build up to flash point or something as stupid as someone smoking a cigarette nearby. Just because some rocks got broken up hundreds of meters below the ground (and yes that is what fracking is) previously doesn't mean that caused the problem.

Comment No progress at all... (Score 4, Funny) 160

This guy just looked at the pictures, found a few he thinks he knows, and assumed the text with some similarity MUST BE IT.

"He said he had managed to find the word for Taurus, alongside a picture of seven stars (seen as part of the zodiac constellation of Taurus)"

Up next he'll find the word "leaf" next to a picture of a leaf, and the word "copyright" on the last page...

Comment Re:Manufactured Crisis (Score 1) 362

"Getting too much rainfall to technically be a desert" is meaningless pedantry - because desert or not, it doesn't get enough water to sustain it's population.

Almost no densely populated city can supply all it's water needs from the rainfall on the city's land-mass, even if they did have the infrastructure to capture everything going through the storm drains. Seattle may be an exception... But by you impossible standards, New York is a desert, Boston is a desert, etc.

BTW, how far away is it legal to pull water from? How about all those cities hundreds of miles from the Great Lakes, at what point are they too far away, and must be labeled as "importing" their water?

Comment Re:Getting apps in the first place without Play (Score 1) 168

But how do you download MapQuest onto an Android device without Google Play Store?

I was speaking to device manufacturers rather than consumers... They would get an APK along with license terms directly from MapQuest.

For users, though, it's available on the Amazon app store.

Comment Re: From TFA (Score 1) 237

It knows based on how many fingers are touching the screen

Which will vary randomly as the vehicle bounces, and there will be an undependable input, not to mention taking your attention and your hands off the vehicle controls. This touchscreen idea should be DOA.

Comment Noise (Score 1) 237

You have obviously never driven any distance in a noisy vehicle.

Wrong. I'm also quite familiar with phase/amplitude noise cancelation by sampling the environment away from the audio pickup. It takes engineering, but it's 100% doable. Engineers can solve these problems (they already have, actually.)

Comment Re:compare water usage with "average"? (Score 1) 362

But I'm sorry, I've tried those low-flow shower heads and they SUCK ASS.

They are NOT all the same. There are many awful low-flow shower heads, and there are also pretty good ones. That's not to say you'll be completely unable to tell there's some difference, but they certainly don't seem like just half as much water flow.

Average of 4.2 out of 5 stars out of 202 reviews. $9:

Comment Re:Manufactured Crisis (Score 2) 362

so a group of peope had the brilliant idea of building massive cities and huge agricultural farmlands in a desert, made possible by unsustainable draining of acquifers and importation of water from other states. and now they have a "drought"?

I was thinking the same thing a couple weeks ago: People had the brilliant idea of building massive cities far up north, where ice storms and freezing cold weather is routine, and now they have shortages of natural gas, road salt, power outages due to trees taking down lines, etc. and they have the nerve to complain? Ridiculous! And don't get me started on hurricane-prone areas that need to be evacuated every year. Or those idiots within miles of major rivers, that are overflowing their banks every few years. No sympathy for anyone who doesn't live in a PERFECT location.

BTW: Most of CA is NOT a desert. Los Angeles, the (Central) San Joaquin Valley, the Bay Area, Sacramento, etc., they ALL get too much rainfall (in most years) to be classified as a desert. And lets not forget about the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges, which aren't deserts at all, almost always have ample snow pack, but are barren this year because of the drought. There are big desert regions in CA, but they're much less heavily populated, and at least the few I looked-up don't seem to be affected by this drought at all (aquifers going strong...). Even Atlanta had drought problems a few years back... better pack them up and send them all to Minnesota.

What would you say to the many millions of people living in South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas, unsustainable drawing most of their water from the Ogallala Aquifer?

As I've said before, the deserts are probably the most habitable places for humans:


Comment and also... (Score 2) 237

Coffee. Fingerprints. Greasy French Fry prints. Rather use my hand to drive the vehicle. Hold hands with my lady.

Also, that Garmin GPS? Talks to my phone by bluetooth. Don't have to touch or look at my phone, either.

Touchscreens totally suck. Everywhere. No exceptions. Even the iPad, best touchscreen ever, sucks. Still fingerprints. Still uses completely opaque "gestures" to do things I have no idea I was "asking" for. Requires looking. But you know what? I can TALK to my iPad. Writing's on the wall, vehicle makers. Speech is it, period, end of story, get on that, dammit.

Comment Here's the problem, vehicle designers (Score 4, Insightful) 237

Cars and trucks and motorcycles bounce . Plus, we can't always be looking. See, so we can't always control where we're touching it; we can't even always control how many fingers we put down.

We need to be able to talk to these systems. My Garmin GPS does this. I don't have to touch it. I say "voice command" and off we go. No touching. Bouncing doesn't matter. I don't have to look.

Until you get to this level of interface, you're doing it wrong, and furthermore, as of this point in time, you're also behind the curve, because others are doing it right.

Thanks for this, slashdot, just this morning I was cursing at a touch interface in my vehicle.

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