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Comment Joke laws (Score 4, Interesting) 356

You are part of the cattle (and get years or decades of jail for things that are crimes, affects noone or make your rights prevail), or you are above the law, getting more money and support if you violate constitution amendments, get promoted if found that you intentionally lied to the congress, or get a small fine if is found that you you knowingly launder money for terrorist and drug cartels.

There are countries where law and justice seem to be antonyms.

Comment Re:Patents. (Score 1) 141

Did you see that happen with VP8? Because what you describe did not happen with it, despite its situation being same as of VP9.

The situation wasn't REMOTELY the same...


"That's nonsense. VP8 was only released to the public MANY, MANY YEARS after H.264. Now VP9 is there right from the start, on equal-footing with H.265. This is a very different situation that EVER before, which was the point of my original post you apparently dismissed out of hand."

You seem to be so far biased that actual facts and information just don't penetrate your thick skull, so I'll stop wasting my time with your spouting baseless nonsense. Goodbye.

Comment Re:Short memories (Score 1) 95

Are you confusing Yahoo with AltaVista?

There was a link on the AltaVista front page to add a site that was not in the index, and its robot spidered all the links from that starting URL. Their big boast at the time was they had a bigger index than any other search engine (something like 8 billion pages). That was one of the reasons that Google used to crow about how many pages they could spider in their first few years.

Comment Re:It doesn't pay to be the first (Score 1) 95

Google had two big improvements over AltaVista (which at that point was the market leader by far). Relevance and speed. By that stage SEO was alive and well (although probably not called that). The big trick for fooling search engines of the time was spaff filler at the bottom of a page that contained search terms to make the page seem more relevant. When Google started page rank was mostly immune to this technique so it returned much more relevant results, and that is why it spread so quickly and overtook AltaVista. The fast loading simple front page really helped as well. Of course now SEO is mainly aimed at Google's algorithm of the week and the relevance and quality of the results has gone downhill since those early days. Of yeah, and their various AJAX / caching technologies have broken the web completely and are the reason that every machine I've seen recently has a bunch of semi-permanent connections to Google edge points.

Comment Re:Patents. (Score 1) 141

There is a single data point (blue cross), and it tells you that the quality curve of the encoder is probably going to be significantly better than VP9.

The author correctly called it: "a single (admittedly non-useful) data point."

it is consistent with previous results

I see no "previous results"...

That basically means the situation will repeat as with H.264 and VP8.

That's nonsense. VP8 was only released to the public MANY, MANY YEARS after H.264. Now VP9 is there right from the start, on equal-footing with H.265. This is a very different situation that EVER before, which was the point of my original post you apparently dismissed out of hand.

n the MPEG side, the competition will cause the actual practical quality of encoding to use much more of the theoretical potential of the format; whereas on the VP* side, there will be just one not very progressing encoder library,

This is utter nonsense. The development of MPEG encoders always follows the same path... There's innumerable proprietary ones, with absolute CRAP quality, and then ONE open source codec which gets all the development effort and blows the rest away. With MPEG-1/2 this would have been mjpegtools, with MPEG-4 ASP this was Xvid, with AVC this was x264, and with HEVC this looks to be x265, though that could change.

The fact that there's a single open source VP9 standard means there will almost certainly be less duplication of effort, and the single central open source standard will get all the high-quality coding improvements.

And you're basing your whole opinion on this completely flawed logic that flies in the face of reality?

Comment Compelling evidence (Score 2) 417

With those hard numbers the remaining thing to see in this discussion is how many people is paid for Koch industries and similar ones, and how many got fooled by them into denying that human activity are causing changes in global climate strong enough to be responsible for the consequences of some of the extreme weather we suffered in recent years.

Comment Re:one-way street (Score 1) 227

Worse than that, upper (and middle, and even lower) management orders you to do things that goes against security, like opening access to the intranet from the whole internet so they can access it from anywhere they are, asking full access for their portables, no matter what they have installed or where they use it, transfering remote access passwords by unencrypted mail, and of course, their phones. And any recommendation to do any of this a bit more secure get scrapped because they are "complicated".

Also, sometimes they can't get why something related to security is important, they have their own ideas, opinions, and biases. After several times explaining how something security related is important and essential and the other side don't want to hear, don't understand, don't think is necessary, or orders you to do instead something that don't solve the core problem, you just give up on that.

Comment Good luck with that (Score 3, Informative) 123

They already intentionally lied to the congress and suffered no consequences even after that was found out. What are the odds of what they show is the real full documents or just a redacted, partial, totally false or even a bunch of pages filled with loren ipsum? They already proved that deserve no trust and that don't care at all about it.

Comment Re:Nope, no (Score 4, Insightful) 203

US is actually in war with everyone, specially in the cyber realm. They have (or think their have) the upper hand and then is happily going against all the world, not just spying, but infiltrating, planting backdoors, sabotaging, and other activities that in their own opinion deserves decades in jail if is done by civilians. They aren't doing this for preserving the peace, protecting their citizens or attack terrorists, they are doing it because they want war, they profit from it, and they think they can win it, no matter the cost in lives.

They are trying to legalize the war in Syria (that probably they or their associates are instingating) , so they can define hacking as something similar to weapon of mass destruction, and justify intervention in even more countries.

Comment Re:Patents. (Score 1) 141

It's certainly NOT "meaningless" to have an open source codec for a patented standard. They still get the benefits of multiple vendors focusiing all their efforts on a common code base. And let's not forget that not every country enforces software patents like the US.

That said, it's sad that here on /. We've had a couple of stories about H.265 with NO mention of VP9 which Google has frozen the bitstream on, claims matches or slightly exceeds H.265 across the board, and has a working decoder in Chrome... For the first time, EVER, the patent-free, open source codec is being released at the same time as the proprietary standard version, so it really has a good chance of upstaging the MPEG standard. Yet /. Of all places can't be bothered to mention it... With WebM adoption Opus for audio as well, the patent-free multimedia codecs may actually be superior.

Comment It's not Mevade (Score 2) 55

Here, look at this:

Pull up a google search:

> Countries Affected: Germany, USA, China, Switzerland, Canada etc.

Now look at the Tor user numbers from China:


Why is Mevade creating Tor traffic from places as tiny as Vatican city, and having zero impact from China? When apparently China *is* affected by the botnet, and if past knowledge is any indicator, is probably the world capital of malware?

It doesn't add up.

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