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Submission + - "Bona Fide Hedging" Exemption Reinflates Oil Bubble (

jobiwankanobi writes: "When gas prices rose to over four dollars a gallon in 2008, the common narrative was that the increased demand from China and other developing countries was the cause of the skyrocketing price. This article shows the cause to be a speculative bubble made possible by an exemption to a regulation meant to prevent the "walking up" of commodities prices by speculators. The exemption is called the "Bona Fide Hedging" exemption, and has been exploited by the usual suspects. This bubble not only affects oil prices, but corn and grains as well. This not only makes tortillas more expensive, but could be responsible for starvation in many areas of the world, not to mention the affect on the world economy."

Comment Re:under the guise of protecting children (Score 1) 178

Exactly. This bill is way worse than SOPA. When this new bill started I emailed a bunch of people, but got no response. I guess the theory by these congressmen is to push one draconian bill after another so that a) people get tired of hearing about congress b) people opposed to them sound like "cry wolfers" and c) they can probably sneak at least one through. If you look at most of the bills passed since NDAA on New Year's Eve, they have all been uber-draconian, limiting our freedom type bills. NDAA was treason against the United States citizen with hardly any congressmen opposing it.

Comment Business idea (Score 1) 311

Interesting to come across this article. I had the idea for a business that trucks around one of these multi-sheet scanners (probably higher-end than the fujitsu previously mentioned but same brand), and scans your documents, with shredding service if needed. After this post, I'm realizing that a small office with voting-booth style setups where you can rent time on a scanner and computer that goes directly to memory stick would be good. It could use some version of steadystate where the information on the computer is wiped and rebooted at the end of each session. Shredders would also be available.

Comment Re:Amazing. (Score 1) 794

You're just another example of misconceptions. Are you gay? Then you don't know what you're talking about. But idiots like you like to speak for gay people and let me tell you my opinion is "shut the fuck up." I'm tired of ignorant dumbfucks like yourself talking for me.

Comment Re:Open office != MS Office (Score 1) 421

I'm a software developer. I've been using Open Office for years so that I wouldn't have to boot up a stupid windows system just to do my office type communications - development specs, read spreadsheets, etc. It's worked great for me, and I've actually found that it doesn't have some well-known unfixed bugs that M$ has as it continues to wow people with new features instead of long-standing bugs.

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