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Comment Streamline yourself out of a job (Score 2) 848

"since all of my goals outlined since my hire date have been met and exceeded, I have a lot of down time" + "The application would streamline a lot of processes and take a lot of the burden off my team" = they have more hands than work already and you're trying to make it more lopsided. At some point they're going to look at chopping some heads.

Comment Re:Far more likely that America will do this, BUT (Score 1) 481

If anything US grain and consumer product shipments helped the Soviet economy stay afloat longer than it would have otherwise. The Soviet Union bankrupted itself with it's poor centralized planning and its unsustainable military spend rate -- to 'fight' an actual cold war. Not that that's doing anything to slow down our unsustainable military spend rate.

Comment Re:Far more likely that America will do this, BUT (Score 1) 481

I agree, the world can use more dreamers from all countries. But wait, cold war? With us? Damn them for shipping manufactured goods to us as fast as they can stuff them into the shipping containers! If the Chinese are at war with anyone, it's with their own people, and even then neither cold or war are really the right words. The term cold war doesn't seem to have any bearing.

Comment I thought the Blackberry tablet was bad (Score 1) 91

I thought it was bad that the Blackberry tablet requires your phone to get email and function correctly. This Intel tablet requires a 32 core 'cloud' machine? Am I going to need a co-location service provider for my backend to ensure I can play a tablet based fps? Or is Intel planning to provide unlimited cloud capacity for each low power (and low cost) tablet processor they sell?

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