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Comment The Amazing Shrinking List of Supporters (Score 3, Interesting) 330

There been some shrinking of the "Judiciary Committee’s list of SOPA supporters", perhaps due to cold water? Compare this list (439 entries, dec 21) with the 'official' list (142 entries, dec 23).

Beyond the law firms that have complained, I can't help but note that Electronic Arts aren't in the PDF.

Also, every time some actor tweets anti-SOPA sentiment, make sure to point out to them that the Screen Actors Guild are official SOPA supporters according to the judiciary.

Comment Logical conclusion (Score 1) 159

So where does this 'DNS blocking' nonsense end? Well, since it's trivial to set up, all that will happen is that we will have a "Freedom DNS" layer out there. How do you stop that? I guess you could try and block those IPs. Okay, so you layer it on top of a DHT say. Now what? Either you continue to 'whack a mole', or you make it illegal to look up some numbers on the internet.

That's the end point of this, another crazy 'these bits are special and you're not allowed to see/copy/think about them' law. This can only end with more freedom thrown handcuffed into the cellar while corporate interests are getting blowjobs from eager politicians mubling incoherently about 'the children and the jobs'.

At some point there's going to be a physical reaction to this insanity. Just keep pumping up the pressure.

Comment Power Distance Index (Score 1) 653

I work at a multi-national rooted in scandinavia. I deal daily with teams all over europe and asia. Very roughly, management and code quality reflects the PDI. Frankly, developers are treated like shit in some of the "top" places. If a good developer leaves, management doesn't care, because to them being a good developer is far less important than being a subservient one. Developers have no freedom to advance their own ideas, and they get none of the perks they can see management enjoy regularly, such as travel to conferences.

Before my last trip out there, I was emailed an Organizational Chart. I'm not sure what I was supposed to do with it, but someone thought it important.

Comment Ubisoft, ubisoft (Score 1) 424

They're like, to borrow a similie, the suicide jumper standing at the top of a tall building, threatening to jump while shouting incoherently. Except they never fucking jump! They just hang around the edge, trying to get attention from passers by. By lamely taunting them. "You sir, you're a THIEF and I'm going to JUMP! That's right.. walk away.. theif! I'm JUMPING?! YOU HEAR ME?"

Look, if you don't want to develop actual PC games that PC gamers like, then we're all OK with you bowing out. One day your "innovative" DRM has cured the piracy problem and you're very happy, the next day 95% of your customers are thieves and to blame for games not being released. Okay... but either way, if you don't like it WHY DON'T YOU FUCKING STOP? Just fucking leap already you schizophrenic pieces of shit! That way you don't have to complain about piracy any more, in your non-piracy console nirvana where all the money is.

I'm sure if it's like you say, that there are no money in the PC market, then your stock should rise once you declare your intention to stop developing PC titles. Right? SO WHY DON'T YOU?

You've taken your dump. Now take your spades and pot and get out of the fucking sandbox.

Next time someone bring up "the self-entitled whiny PC-gamers", think about these guys. Right, us players are the whiners?

Comment NOT a Good point though (Score 2) 411

No, it's not a good point, because if the basic Internet was such encumbered, it would never have grown as fast, and that delay would would be a real cost on the REVOLUTION that instant global communication brought not only to "basic research and development", but the world.

We might have been ten years behind, with people still using dial-up while companies paid through the nose for the ability to email. The idea that a global system of levies would get pumped back into basic research is LAUGHABLE. There'd be HUGE overhead in collecting, and all the money would go right back to 'enforcement' and shit that has nothing to do with research or the betterment of human kind.

This is a joke. The whole idea is pure idiocy.

Comment I know how console players feel about this. (Score 0) 168

About three years ago I wrote a post on the Sony forums where I tried to offer up some suggestions for how I felt they could improve on the PS3 firmware with a minimum of effort. One of those suggestions was to "Encourage mouse support in games". I'll spoil the first two answers I got:

Write a book why dont u


use a mouse to play games wth?

and just as a bonus, another one...

btw PS3 not a pc game no mouse

... and so on and so worth for a page or two. That's where I gave up trying to communicate with Sony.

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