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Comment no phone (Score 1) 445

Not for most people. Receptionists need phones are their desk only because it is tied to a place, but most office workers do not.
I forward my desk phone and blackberry to my iPhone. I still don't get enough calls to even approach my plan limit, since most calls are during the day and cell to cell. I'd really be happy if they could take the physical phone away and just keep the extension forwarded.

Comment Re:increasing divorce or honesty? (Score 1) 277

Just being placed in that situation makes you commit that? What, are you Pavlov's dog? Think for yourself instead of blaming Facebook. You stray in a moment of weakness because you can't say no to being self-destructive. It's in your nature, just by looking at the things you're saying. The Thanksgiving Dinner post below is the most intelligent post for this article. Stop being so jealous, greedy, and possessive.

Comment On that scale (Score 2) 112

On that scale, distributed parallelism is key, where the system takes into account downed nodes and removes them from duty until it can return to service, or can easily add a replacement node to handle the stream. That's why Google and Facebook don't go down when a node fails.

Comment Re:USB and disk Speed (Score 2) 405

If he's looking for reliability in a backup, then his choice of disks is going to be a factor. A drive with consumer grade chances of URE is going to die in a handful of writes and reads. USB grade drives (Caviar Green anyone?) aren't known for their reliability. Something like a Hitachi Ultrastar RE has a very very low chance of encountering a URE, so will be much more reliable.

Comment Re:Romney - VOTE FOR YOUR FUTURE (Score -1, Offtopic) 434

There are plenty of employee-owner businesses. Support them by either going to work for one to help their success or start your own.

The owner has invested capital in committing to the business. The employee is just there til the next better paying job comes around the corner. The day to day tasks are not all there is to making a business succeed. The fact you think about dividing day to day effort to measure their worth shows that you don't see the long commitment to success.

Granted, there are a lot of owners that don't take the business seriously and end up driving it into the ground, taking people's livelihoods down with it, that should be shot. But this socialist shpiel is just too broadly painted across every corporation.

Comment Re:It is just more of Macs becoming iDevices (Score 1) 376

Everyone just needs to get over it and use Dropbox with TrueCrypt or whatever their private cloud solution is and stop bitching. There's plenty of examples of people's encryption being broken by social engineering. Most people have to sticky note their passwords, so they don't stand a chance. Unless you just keep everything in your head and become interrogation proof, someone will always be able to get whatever info they need. And you're full of crap if you think anyone wants to hack into your pics of lolcats and your last company picnic.

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