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Comment Re:Well I don't think it'll be a problem like that (Score 1) 764

One thing you may have noticed is that humans are good at ignoring a problem until it forces them to adapt. New technologies are good and all, but alternatives are just another thing people will have to buy to get around the shortage. That's money many won't have once prices rise due to a crunch in a critically important resource. Cripes we're already complaining about the rise in coffee prices. Everything made of plastics or wrapped in them will also rise in price, making a very personal crunch in resources for everyone.

Comment Re:Umm... (Score 1) 480

As opposed to the tricks manufacturers currently use of standing the magnetic particles on their end on a platter that spins 5400 to 15000 rpm beneath a magnet, floating on a cushion of air, suspending on a moving arm. All that physics is so much less tricky than an algorithm.

How many drives from 5 years ago do most of us still use?

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