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Comment Re:Open Source Broadband (Score 1) 356

I want to the Dr for some farmer suitables? where do all the rich people go, 10 savile row. I got wound up like an orange will the green keeper came and change the pitch.

anyhow, my original comment was really about the fact that there needs to be a change in the system and they do actually know that and are working towards it.... it's the very very long cycle revolution.

The reply was really for whoever didn't get it and felt like modding me down..... there are a few like that round here.

(See: sarcasm, mockery, irony, pharmacist for meds)

Comment Re:Electrons cause consciousness. (Score 1) 729

I can think of nothing more like free will than walking around thinking your Jesus when everyone else says your not.... if it where not for the fact that Jesus is mentioned in the bible.

Free will is a time domain paradox... you can have will free that fine.

Anyhow, I thought they already pretty much proved that free will is a load of bollox just don't tell anyone or they may believe you.

Comment Re:As the saying goes... (Score 1) 729

I think the man knows not how he thinks and so want's to make some weird stuff up to explain what he can not explain.....

Personally I believe there is my physical self and my metaphysical self and even though e=mc^2 he appears to be giving this a little too much weight and not enough energy.

And I thought to myself, there must have been a first time a stone thought to fall off a waterfall.

He really should try to work out how long a piece of string is first, and once he's triangulated that work out how he understands things... and maybe then triangulate that to work out the wisdom of the species... in deed in passion in madness.
The search for knowledge is power, in deed.
The search for the truth is wisdom, in passion.
the search for salvation is insanity, in will.

Comment Re:Open Source Broadband (Score 1) 356

"Clearly the states that have clean air laws are discriminating against the private sector by insuring that "free" air is breathable. Clearly that has prevented the growth of new jobs in the bottled oxygen industry, at a time when jobs are so desperately needed. Why do we put up with these anti-jobs bureuocrats?"

Actually they will be making money from fines and filtration, catalysts etc.. lots of fluoride to put in the water etc....

Providing free access to sidewalks and paths for bicycles also harms taxi drivers and countless other businesses.

Again, they don't provide 'free' access.. could I drive my tank down the side walk?

Countless consumers make unlicensed copies of bacteria that is in the food they buy.
probably processed and irradiated, spayed etc... but yeh, getting sick ain't free nor is disposing of the shit afterwards.

Do you know what a bizarre hedge is?

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 121

why too stressed?

see I rember the protestant reform like it was yesterday... Oliver's Army staying just round the corner, white niggers everywhere.

Martin Luthor getting the Lyrics down... oh come on... ye faithful. get ye arse in gear.

I wonder, is there any mention of any kind of prediction relating to the good old catholic deed dooing lot and their bloody ponzi schemes anywhere lurking on the English Parliament website?
red blue red blue... oh such a card choice if only I could stop thinking of myself for once.

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