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Comment Re:Not sure I understand this argument at all (Score 1) 323

Likewise, books are language. Can books be copyrighted? No one owns language.

Copyright is not a patent and a breach of copyright may make you a parrot but it does not make you a thief. If it's a book of facts, then no you can't copyright those facts.

A power drill is metal and plastic. Can a power drill be patented, then?

I've made one from wood and gas, a plastic and metal one may be patented, but I can still make a wood and gas one.

it's the implementation of the mechanism not the power and the drilling, which can be done in a number of ways.

Comment Re:That's not the solution, this is (Score 1) 137

ohhh.. often the problem is that they can define when logical conditions are met, they just can't then generalize and turn it into patterns etc... and well that's all too much like hard work when I can just hack and slash myself through the day...

it's like they've written a function in C++ but the body of the function looks more like very bad prologue.

void foobar(int &a)
int tmp = a;
if (a = 1)
      if (a + 1 = 2 )
printf ("goofie%d", a);
} else if (a 0)
if (a 0)
a = tmp;

and of-course their XSLT looks like a bad day with asp and grep, so they clearly can't turn that prologue like C into prologue like XSLT.

CDATA.... ahhh.........

I usually write XSLT as with a few document() selects a few includes and XML 'control and data' in a number of separate files to work on the document I want to transform and it's all pretty nice, neat, easy,modular etc.... (tail recursion not withstanding).

Comment Re:That's not the solution, this is (Score 2) 137

cats are illiterate, they walk all over the bloody keyboard causing all kinds of havoc.

"I know someone who is a good intuitive mechanic, but somehow managed to get to adulthood with less than third grade reading and writing skills.",
quite possible the way that he learns things (ergo... schools are crap)

I have/had that problem, in that language is generally poorly designed and people like to fuck with other peoples heads. But I worked out how they do that now and it kind of, mostly, started to sort itself out.

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