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Comment Re:Corproate Propaganda (Score 1) 250

People seem to think that what we have now is capitalism.

When people don't like something, they seem to assume that it's whatever they don't like (capitalistic/socialistic/communistic), even if their assertions make absolutely zero sense. I think many people just don't know what communism, capitalism, or socialism actually are.

Comment Re:Complete And Utter Bullshit (Score 1) 926

Polls say that indeed, pretty consistently, most Americans are: against most foreign military intervention, against surveillance by government, against increasing militarization of law enforcement, against drone strikes, against the TSA, against the "War on Drugs" and at least most of the "War on Terror"... in fact, against pretty much EVERYTHING the government has tried to sell us via scare tactics.

Depends on the poll. And frankly, I don't really trust any polls of this type (no matter what the results are) to begin with.

Your assertion that "most seem rather apathetic" is actually more proof that the government is behind it, not "The People":

In cases of war, maybe. Apathy is certainly not helping.

Comment Re:Corporate America (Score 2) 163

Put away your tinfoil hats and see the real threat.

What tinfoil hats? Are you suggesting that it is crazy to be afraid that the government might abuse the massive amount of power we've given it, even though every government has abused its power without fail? The people who work for the government are humans, not perfect angels; thus, it makes no sense to me to not be wary of them.

Of course, I don't think corporations having all this data is a good thing either, but there are no tinfoil hats present here.

Comment Re:Dear Slashdot... (Score 1) 160

Do those freedoms envisioned back when the "west" was still frontier and mail took 3 months to reach Europe still work in a world of Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological weapons? Does it work in a world of suicide bombers, high explosives, and a world in which you can reach any major city in less than 24 hours?

Yes. I believe freedom to be more important than safety to begin with, so such nonsense isn't going to persuade me in the least. Terrorist bogeymen are largely nonexistent to begin with; the threat is highly exaggerated.

Anyway, if I had a choice between risking annihilated and allowing the government to violate everyone's freedoms as it pleases (which is pretty much the current situation), I'd choose the former. I don't care for police states, and I think a world without freedom isn't a world worth living in or even a world worth existing; people who don't like being cattle are probably inclined to agree with me.

I would respect a President more who said, "We need an agency who can spy and record everything for national security. Their job is not to police the nations many laws, it isn't in their charter, so even if they find you cheating on your taxes, they won't tell the IRS. Their sole job is to prevent major threats against the United States from enemies who would seek to destroy our way of life".

I think that would be only slightly better than outright lying, but I wouldn't respect such a president at all. Why would I respect a president who admits openly that they despise the constitution and freedom? I don't respect presidents who lie about the fact that they care about freedom, either.

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