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Comment Re:Corporate America (Score 2) 163

Put away your tinfoil hats and see the real threat.

What tinfoil hats? Are you suggesting that it is crazy to be afraid that the government might abuse the massive amount of power we've given it, even though every government has abused its power without fail? The people who work for the government are humans, not perfect angels; thus, it makes no sense to me to not be wary of them.

Of course, I don't think corporations having all this data is a good thing either, but there are no tinfoil hats present here.

Comment Re:Dear Slashdot... (Score 1) 160

Do those freedoms envisioned back when the "west" was still frontier and mail took 3 months to reach Europe still work in a world of Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological weapons? Does it work in a world of suicide bombers, high explosives, and a world in which you can reach any major city in less than 24 hours?

Yes. I believe freedom to be more important than safety to begin with, so such nonsense isn't going to persuade me in the least. Terrorist bogeymen are largely nonexistent to begin with; the threat is highly exaggerated.

Anyway, if I had a choice between risking annihilated and allowing the government to violate everyone's freedoms as it pleases (which is pretty much the current situation), I'd choose the former. I don't care for police states, and I think a world without freedom isn't a world worth living in or even a world worth existing; people who don't like being cattle are probably inclined to agree with me.

I would respect a President more who said, "We need an agency who can spy and record everything for national security. Their job is not to police the nations many laws, it isn't in their charter, so even if they find you cheating on your taxes, they won't tell the IRS. Their sole job is to prevent major threats against the United States from enemies who would seek to destroy our way of life".

I think that would be only slightly better than outright lying, but I wouldn't respect such a president at all. Why would I respect a president who admits openly that they despise the constitution and freedom? I don't respect presidents who lie about the fact that they care about freedom, either.

Comment Re:Dear Slashdot... (Score 2) 160

It was a major campaign promise. Still hasn't been closed 5 years later. Why?

Most likely because he's a lying politician (my use of the word "lying" may have been redundant), like most are in the two major parties. Still, fools keep voting for them.

It isn't a perfect system, but there really are bad people in the world who want to kill us, what would you suggest doing about that?

If it means throwing away our freedoms--as we have with the NSA, TSA, PATRIOT ACT, et al.--nothing. As far as I've heard, we're supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave, so I think the fact that some bogeymen were so easily able to make us discard some of the freedoms that supposedly make us 'better' is absolutely pathetic.

Comment Re:clemency? (Score 1) 504

I have great respect for rule of law, freedom and the Constitution.

I seriously doubt that, given that you're practically cheering on the NSA and trying to trivialize violations of the constitution.

Just because I view eavesdropping as trivial

I do not think that collecting such a massive amount of information randomly is trivial.

I've known for decades though, that all communications in this country were vulnerable to this kind of thing.

Whether it's new or not (I know that it's not new) is 100% irrelevant to me. Change never comes to those who give up.

I don't say it's a good thing

Yet you said you want them looking at everyone.

The government knows how far they can go

They can target certain individuals with impunity because people generally only seem to care about themselves and not about freedom in general. Rarely do police states try to make life as much of a living hell for everyone as they do for certain dissidents.

Thanks to people trivializing this issue and acting apathetically towards it (like you), we're likely one step closer to a police state.

Of all the issues in my life this doesn't rank in the top ten.

The constitution? How trivial. Freedom? Inconsequential. None of that trivial nonsense matters.

It's puzzling to me how many people who live in a country that's supposed to be the land of the free can be so apathetic or even opposed to the very principles the country was founded about, and freedom in general.

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