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Comment Re:US rental industry is insane (Score 1) 261

Well, if they're not gaining any money, I'm not sure it matters how much value they think their products have. Furthermore, they'll always be able to claim that some people are downloading their products illegally; it is simply so unlikely that everyone will stop infringing upon people's copyright that the possibility isn't even worth considering.

Comment Re:US rental industry is insane (Score 1) 261

So does your ideology that it's OK to take things or copy that you do not have permission to take or copy.

I'm not talking about taking things, but copying them. I think government-enforced monopolies that encourage censorship and loss of control over real property is a disgusting violation of people's freedoms, but whatever.

Good luck not getting busted

It doesn't take much luck to not get busted; the situation is literally beyond anyone's control.

Comment Re:US rental industry is insane (Score 1) 261

So, my points that downloading illegally does nothing but help enact even more draconian legislation regarding copyright, and that the only effective means of changing this practice is to universally boycott their products, stand firm.

Doesn't sound like it. The way you made it sound, they'll spin anything to support their draconian agenda, so no matter what happens, copyright infringement will be blamed.

Comment Re:US rental industry is insane (Score 1) 261

and thus the outrageous prices and restrictions are considered justified.

Uh, no; the entire reason someone might download to begin with may include escaping the restrictions and ridiculous prices. If they're going to assume that someone downloading for free means they're doing everything right, then clearly they'd make out every situation to mean that their restrictions and prices are okay.

Comment Re:The imporant qualifier (Score 1) 213

What makes the fictional dystopias featuring surveillance states interesting isn't simply the fact that they conduct surveillance, but rather what they do with the information.

And since they're humans, you can't trust them.

How many of them involve actions by the state to genuinely protect the citizenry except in an Orwellian fashion?

Again, you couldn't trust them even if they claimed that was their goal; they're humans.

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