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Comment Re:Good test case (Score 1) 705

However, the Copyright Act of 1976 extended the term of copyright protection to 75 years from date of publication, and the Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998 added another 20 years, so under current law the copyright protection of "Happy Birthday" will remain intact until at least 2030.

Thank Steamboat Willie and Sonny Bono.

I know that it's not ExPostFacto, but it's a similar legal meme.

The copyright laws that existed at the time of initial publication are the ones which apply. You cannot retroactively change the terms of the agreement for the contract between the creator and the public.

Comment Re:Statistics... (Score 1) 928

a small percentage of really slutty women are taking up the slack for the rest of them.

Not even close to true.

There was a study in NY that was looking at herpes rates. I'm sure you've heard the "1 in 5" rate for herpes, but in NY it's 1 in 4. But don't be mislead that there are the same odds across the board. What you'll find is that a minority of men have herpes, while a majority of women do. Yes, I'm sure some "genius" is going to come here saying that women catch STDs easier than men do, but women still can't catch herpes unless they have sex with someone who has herpes!

So that either means that women are going lesbian all over the place, or the "myth" that 80% of women sleep with 20% of men has gained some statistical backing. I'm leaning towards the latter. (FYI, the herpes rates for black women and black men was 80% and 25%, respectively).

Comment Re:Where's the problem? (Score 1) 572

It's marketing. You're changing the terms of your argument.

Marketing is the work being done.

Why no, I haven't. Kindly cite one or two. (I assume you're already aware of the persistent wage differential between men and women who are doing identical work.)

Really, doing *identical* work? You'd have to cite that, because that's BS. The wage gap exists because men and women don't do identical work.

I mean, honestly, if I could pay a woman 75% of what a man earns and get identical work, would I ever hire a man again?

As for the studies: I'll have to get back to you on that. I don't have any more time to spend looking for where I found them. Funny thing was that it was a study "proving" that women are discriminated against because as more women enter the field the job goes down, but instead it simply proved that women force the job to become more cushy.

Comment Re:Where's the problem? (Score 1) 572

It's just as hostile to men who want to be treated as men (instead of woman-slaves) to have to constantly dance around women's sensitivities rather than getting real work done

Umm... since when is getting a lap dance "real work?"

Lapdances, like booth babes, draw eyeballs and attention to the event. Seriously, haven't you women figured out that having the world revolve around you isn't a great idea after prohibition? But no... everything has to be done according to your standards, doesn't it?

I mean, it's delightfully inflammatory for you to claim that all these awful female sensitivities are getting in the way of Progress,

You haven't read the reports that as more women enter a job field, the status of the field goes down and the pay decreases? Women want different things than men do. Men, on average, want jobs with higher pay (sacrificing working conditions) women, on average, want working conditions (sacrificing higher pay). Once women enter a job field, they force the field to have better working conditions via lawsuits and other legal pressure, and the pay goes down for all workers. Women attempt to turn whatever job they are in into a cushy job. That's definitely in the way of Progress.

Yes, it's inflammatory, but truth that politically incorrect often is.

Comment Re:Where's the problem? (Score 1) 572

Men (try talking to real men sometime) are widely offended at the whole phenomenon of women demanding that the entire organization conform to their standards, and actually get away with it. The difference is the law unfortunately supports these women rather than telling them the logical truth: their emotions are their responsibility.

It's just as hostile to men who want to be treated as men (instead of woman-slaves) to have to constantly dance around women's sensitivities rather than getting real work done, but that won't make the papers.

Comment Re:Nonsense. (Score 3, Interesting) 405

A long time ago I was doing consulting work and had the misfortune of being selected for jury duty. As I would not be fully-compensated for my time (I was my own employer), I wanted to get out of that case as fast as possible. I figured I wouldn't even get selected, so I'd just lose that one day.

In Jury selection in my county, everyone is called into a holding area (cafeteria) and then groups of 30 or so are selected to sit in the courtroom for the jury selection. I was selected for a group, and then selected to sit in the jury box as one of the initial 12. I was going to be on the case.

Initial arguments was the case was about a guy fighting Carrying concealed without a permit charges. The 12 of us in the box were asked individually "is there anything that would prevent us from ruling on this case in accordance to the laws?"

I didn't have the time to sit on the case, so I replied "I'm a Constitutionalist and I know what Jury Nullification means."

Oh, I was released alright; SO WAS EVERY PROSPECTIVE JUROR IN THE ROOM!!!!

30 of us got out of jury duty because I said the magic words. The State is that afraid of people knowing they have power over them.

The experience greatly influenced my view of government.

Comment Re:Well if that's true... (Score 0, Flamebait) 1255

What a lot of people in the whole "it's sexism" camp forget is that there are only two types of people:

Those who are sexist
Those who are idiots.

See, the whole problem with "reducing sexism" means that you have to be an idiot. There is no definition of sexism that allows for someone to be a non-idiot and not be sexist at the same time.

See, to be non-sexist we have to do one of two things:
1. Ignore that there are difference between men and women:
Wow, I guess men do get pregnant!!

2. We can recognize that there are differences, but we must willfully ignore them.
Well if I want kids I'll have just as much luck sleeping with Tom as I would with Betty.

These two are "no-duh" examples, but that's the point. Either you are sexist, or you are an idiot.

Really, I mean, comon! The whole "sexism" debate is all about saying men and women are interchangeable, which is patently false. Men and women are different, **ON A BIOLOGICAL LEVEL**, and the sooner Feminists realize this then they can stop trying to solve a "problem" which can't be solved.

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