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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 599

What camera man in his right mind would shoot faster than 1/24s shutter speed and then display it at 24 FPS? This only happens when taking a live broadcast at a high frame rate and insta-converting to 24 FPS like they do (or did) with some awards shows. It would never happen in a movie.

Have you seen any action movies in the last 15 years?

Comment Re:Tablets Aren't the Problem (Score 1) 333

It's not that tablets are "killing" e-reader sales - it's that, for the price of a feature-rich e-reader, I could just buy a damn tablet that does a lot more than display text. Case in point: Amazon's Paperwhite Kindle is $130 (without warranty or any accessories), and only functions as an ebook reader. The Nexus 7, for $120 more, is a full-fledged Android powerhouse. It's easy math.

The kindle weighs less, is more durable, lasts longer on a charge, is easier on the eyes if you want to read a book, and is viewable in all lighting conditions. I love tablets, but not for prolonged reading if I can help it.

Comment Re:He admits he's not using a tablet!!! (Score 1) 740

It's a big honkin 27" all-in-one touch-screen desktop computer... so pretty much a big tablet. If you can't get the full Windows 8 experience on that, you'll never get it on a dinky little tablet.

Is it at all comfortable to reach out and touch your desktop screen? I wouldn't want to use a giant iPad floating a couple feet in front of my face.

Comment Re:... likely outcome (Score 2) 369

" He knew what he was doing, and the consequences. "

I highly doubt that. He was a fucking moron for talking to a known Government informant weazle. if he "knew what he was doing" he would have kept his mouth shut, Instead of bragging.

Not, "he knew what he was doing" as in, "He was a pro spy." More like, "he knew he was breaking the law."

Comment Re:Death becomes acceptable, doesn't it? (Score 2) 170

There is no guilt. The "enemy" is no longer people, but pixels rendered in false colour. No need to justify or otherwise rationalize murder. Neat. Welcome to the Ender's game.

I am not anti-drone when they are used responsibly. But I did find this quote from the article a bit provocative:

Cummings says the secret could be to make drone missions work more like a video game. That’s the opposite of the trend in the automotive industry, where distracted driving can lead to more frequent accidents and higher fatalities.

Emphasis mine. Are they worried more about the fatalities (bad guys dying) or the accidents (good guys dying)?

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