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Comment Re:Keep in mind the occasional bug in the system? (Score 2) 148

Oh god vendor compilers.

The horror, the horror.

Seriously I don't understand it. Hardware companies make nice hardware then ship these amazingly shoddy compilers. Not only that they make them super-extra-mega-proprietary as if there is some great trade secret whereas they should be using such protction to hide their richly deserved shame.

Why do they get so uptight about the software which they are clearly so bad at?

Ah, when GCC started taking over from those it was sheer joy. And because of the GPL they seemed to realise that there wasn't much worth doing to it (though few of them seem to be able to resist fucking up GC a bit---almost all ICEs I've had have been with vendor-shittified GCC).

I hope the BSD license of LLVM doesn't give them funny ideas about how they can be all proprietary again. That would be a return to the bad old days.

Comment Re:12) How does the Internet work? (Score 1) 692

Thing is, given that the interviewer was Akami, that's a pretty reasonable question.

It's not vague, up-in-the-air bulshit like some of the questions. Neither does it need rampant speculation and guesswork. It is a real thing with a real answer, being asked by an employer who provides a non-trivial amount of internet infrastructure.

Comment Re:Never about search (Score 4, Insightful) 205

Er, no. Go read a history of Google. The search engine came first and for several years they had no idea how to fund it at all. They sold search services to Yahoo and Netscape. They put their code in a box and tried to sell the Google Search Appliance. They did a bunch of other random things before they eventually tried out keyword based advertising. To say the search engine was a byproduct of a desire to serve ads just makes you look like an idiot who is making stuff up as you go along.

Comment Re:global cooling (Score 2) 320

So talk about 'renewables' is a misnomer. Its a matter of timescales of availability. No resource is infinite since the universe is finite.

The mental hoops you're prepared to jump through to convince yourself that there's nothing wrong are quire remarkable.

Anyway: renewable isn't a misnomer. With coal, once it's dug up it's all gone. The time until it's all gone depeneds only on how much you take. With solar, the same is available whatever you do. that's what is meant by renewable: not that it's infinite.

You really do seem to be the King of Straw. You seem to enjoy creating an army of straw men to slaughter.

Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 2) 533

I actually think it's an interesting thought experiment.

I agree. But there's no way to get from that to this (I disagree with your reasoning):

This really is the worst ask /. I've ever seen.

Someone posted an interesting thought experiment to slashdot. That's great. The answers are interesting and come from many facets of tech/programming that I am not involved in.

We'll never know the absolute truth even if such a thing exists but the answers are interesting and informative.

I wish they'd asked something interesting, like "what did you have for breakfast?" at least I can answer that with some hope of knowing the answer.

Yeah, but I simply don't care about the answer. The answer is not interesting.

An interesting question (like TFA) is interesting even if you can't answer it.

Comment And also... (Score 5, Interesting) 196

From TFA:

Unless you are building your app for Windows 3.1, chances are that you want to talk to a server of some kind.

Why does everyone assume that everyone else is doing stuff exactly like them? For work I don't think I've ever written code that makes any kind of network calls.

In fact the main reason for me not to use any of the "highly optimized interfaces" they provide is that professionally none of them are of the slightest bit of use to me. It's interesting but there are more programs in this world than web-2.3.1-rc4 apps for phones.

Comment How big is Chrome? (Score 1, Interesting) 196

How big is chrome?

  $ls -lh /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 953K Apr 15 2013 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/

And libc is a mere 1.8M.

There are plenty of very well battle tested ways of targeting C code to multiple systems.

I think I'm going to stuff mine into libreoffice. That's only a few hundred meg and a start up time of a second or two.

Comment Re:Sabotaged (Score 2) 314

Just keep in mind the typical liberal MO...

The use of the phrase "the typical liberal" makes me thing you are a "typical right wing not job", the sort of gun toting, gas guzzler driving red-stater who would declare such things as "I don't believe no man came from no monkey".

Of course drawing such broad generalizations would be indicitave of a very weak mind, but you make that a dangerously tempting hole to fall into.

Comment Re:Hate to rain on your parade (Score 2) 216

I fail to see how Bitcoin is private and confidential.

It's muh more private and confidential thaan anything other than cash. In it's default form, you buy some bitcoins. Only the exchange knows the information to link your bitcoin wallet to your credit card, so someone has to get the exchange to part with the information.

The someone has to track your transactions through the blocklog.

Compare to a credit card bill which might look something like this:

1/1/2014 Large Breasted Porn Company Inc.......................$49.95

There's always a tradeoff between convenience and security (or anonymity). Bitcoin is not perfect, but it is a whole lot better than credit cards.

And that's ignoring the various mixing services available, or you could find a group of like minded people and buy each others bitcoins and exchange for cash, or you could buy some hardware and mine enough bitcoins for whatever you want.

Comment Re:Why do you not move? (Score 1) 397

I agree language is an issue, especially to learn it to a professional level

It isn't, provided you learn it at a young age. Basically kids seem to be language learning machines and have an ability to learn languages that cannot be matched by adults.

It requires the education system to actually care about teaching languages to kids at a young age, however.

Comment Re:Labor laws need to be changed (Score 1) 397

Which labor laws are you talking about?

Oh come on there's far more than that and they're very unreasonable.

Like not being able to pay employees in credits to be redeemed at the company store. Employees not being able to sell themselves into indentured servitude, that sort of thing. those regressive policies are harming our corporations.

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