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Comment Re:Mud in the water (Score 1) 442

Yes, the Israelis routinely spy on their sugar daddy. That attitude is but one of the many reasons that Israel is one of the worlds least popular countries, almost break even with North Korea. I don't think you should use them as an example of why that's OK. Incidentally the USA is less popular than the EU.

Comment Re:I go to a fair amount of movies (Score 1) 924

When you go out and demand that spaces be "cologne free" because of your supposed chemical sensitivities, then you are being discourteous.

Depends. If you were to go on the tube at ruch hour and and wear a whole bottle of "essence of strongly allergy inducing pollen", I'd say that you were being discorteous. I think there's something of a continum. If you have strong allergies to very common things, then you can't expect the world to accomodate you the whole time. On the other hand, wearing something that many people are seneitive to in a crowded place is still deeply antisocial.

Or another take on it: if you wear something in public that people are known to be allergic to, you can't expect not to be sneezed on. The amount of being sneezed on increases with the likelihood of people being allergic to whatever you wear.

Comment Re:Faraday cage (Score 1) 924

There are no 9-11pm sessions of these movies where you live?

Depends on the cinema. I generally prefer to be home a bit earlier if possible and it seems that they type of parent who is happy to browse facebook through "Wreck it Raplh" doesn't mind taking the kids to a 9-11 screening anyway. Fortunately some cinemas have started instigating over 18s screening for non 18 rated films which does greatly improve things, and some cinemas are a little more upmarket and attract different clientel.

Naturally, I've come to try to avoid screenings with such behaviour, but I was offering some insight into who would do such a thing.

Comment Re:Faraday cage (Score 1) 924

Who the heck pays for a movie ticket to play angry birds.

Parents for one.

I like certains of films (provided they're good) that are aimed at kids. Things like quite a lot of Pixar (Toy Story 3, Ratatouille, etc), Wreck it Ralph, and heck, the recent Muppets, that kind of thing. The sort of film which is simply really good, suitable for kids, but has much of it squarely aimed at the adult adience, and not in a euphemistic way.

There are plenty of really stupid parents who seem incapable of realising that such films have merit. So they take the kids and because it's a "kids film" it must be below them (Oh, the irony!) so they spend the entire bloody film checking faceook, playing some game or whatever.

I assume they do this too at the bad kids films too.

Comment Re:I go to a fair amount of movies (Score 2) 924

Or are you saying that IT staff / firemen / doctors should never go to movies?

If they're incapable of acting like dickheads then yes.

Back in previous days, they had pagers and could discretely check them without annoying anyone. Prior to that they stayed at home.

These days phones are more than capable of giving different vibration alerts from different callers. Heck, my old Nokia dumbphone 10 years ago could do that. If they are unable to set that up or unable to find someone to set it up for them then yes, they should stick at home, or find a different job if they really MUST go to the cinema.

Oh, and round here on-call firemen don't generally go to the cinema, they hang around the firestation so they can get going within seconds if required.

Just because you have a job which sounds important (and really, IT staff? Lives are at stake?) doesn't give you the right to trample over everyone else for your own entertainment.



Comment Re:I go to a fair amount of movies (Score 1) 924

You are claiming it's petty and silly?

Perhaps you should learn some anatomy. Go and read a book on how the eye works, and about the psychology and psycho-psyicality of vision.

You will rapidly come to the conclusion that the human visual system is exceptionally adept at giving very high priority to unexpected motion in the peripheral vision. This is an entirely autonomous response and is therefore almost impossible to suppress.

The main problem is simply that people seem incapable of thinking outside their own pivate little world to see how their actions might affect others. You are aparently one of those.

Comment Re:How Long Before Showing up in Major Distributio (Score 1) 157

(you would be crazy to install a non supported Linux distribution on a ... development machine)

No, I strongly disagree.

You should be able to smash up your development machine with a hammer now, and be back up and running in a few hours. I've run all sorts of stuff as development machines, including distros far out of support for various reasons, and others like Arch which are totally bleeding edge.

Also, hardware aside, I've never screwed up a developement machine so badly that I couldn't put off fiing it until a convenient time. That includes accidently killing an ubuntu upgrade part way through.

Workstations can and should be very quick to replace and also not too heavily tied to a single install. It helps that everything I develop comes with configure scripts now. Makes it much easier for me to rebuild a working machine and makes it nice and easy for my customers to deploy on a fixed system or noew hardware.

Comment Re:Nice Idea (Score 1) 121

the problem with the proposal that you've created is that if the phone is hacked then any number of one-off closed accounts can be created and transferred from your "actual bank account". what this tells us is that the actual problem is the concept of trying to use a general-purpose processor which is capable of running unverifiably-complex general-purpose software as a method of payment. it.... just.... doesn't.... add... up.

Comment what's the next article? (Score 1) 121

what's the very next article right here on slashdot? an article about how the inventor of PGP cannot properly implement ZRTP, a security application for smart phones. clinkle - starting from scratch - on a payment system for smart phones, making it a high-profile target. this is going to end well.

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