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Journal Journal: New Options for posting? 3

When did we get 3 options for posting?

Publicize: Submit this story to be posted to the Slashdot front page
Publish: Share this with other Slashdot users
Post: Pay no attention to my musings

"Pay no attention to my musings" is this how we post to our journals now?


Journal Journal: rsync for Windows? 2

I am looking for an rsync client for Windows, any suggestions? This is for family members who I have yet to convert to the Cult of Mac. I know about cwRsync, but I am looking for something more akin to WinSCP which I currently have them using. Some are on flaky DSL connections so a protocol that could resume would be preferable to straight SCP.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Journal Cirlclers in Iceland?

Well I have landed in Vestmannaeyjar, got the ferry across from orlákshöfn at noon GMT. Flew in from Boston to Keflavik overnight. Rented a car and drove to the south coast. We didn't even get lost once. We looked at the boats for hire and have decided to use a tugboat to recover our glider, rather than the 8m research boat we had planned on.
It looks like we may have caught a break in the weather, we should be able to get the glider tomorrow, although it is now west of the island where we had wanted to bring it up east of the island, it's in very shallow water right now, and his hit the bottom a number of times. In any case we may have a little time to kill on the end of our trip, we fly back Sunday. Any journal circlers in Reyjavik, or recommendations on things to do?

Journal Journal: Firehose? Did I miss this

So went to the /. front page and saw a new button in the header; FireHose. Is this new, did I miss it? Did I miss dozens of JEs about this?
For those that can't see it, it appears to be a look into the story queue that allows tagging and primitive voting "thumbs up"/"thumbs down". I "printed" a PDF of the page, and here is a screenshot for everyone else. Funny the 5 page PDF is half the size of the PNG screenshot.

Oh, and you gotta love ""

User Journal

Journal Journal: Plan B OTC

The FDA has finally approved Plan B as an over the counter medication after more than 3 years of debate! You have to be over 18 to buy it, but it's still a step in the right direction, fewer abortions and more choices here we come!
Portables (Apple)

Journal Journal: Stupid Apple! Stupid Motorola! Stupid OctaneZ?

So I noticed my Apple Addressbook was empty today when I went to much with iChat. No problem I thought, I'll just sync it off my phone, I've added a couple entries to it recently, no problem! Fire up sync, let it turn through everything, and lo, it decided to keep seven!!!! Yes SEVEN!!!! of my addresses and delete everything else off my phone!!!

WTF! How did that happen! It didn't even zero out everything, it kept SEVEN contacts!! Grrrrr.... Too tired to type them all in again right now. Guess I need to pull out the old phone again. So pissed.

The " trick" won't work for me, as I didn't know about it, until I had already added my parents back into the addressbook, so the .previous file was overwritten.

Journal Journal: Sick of Bad Metamoding 2

So someone back me up; I moderated this post as funny, it got metamoderated as "Unfair." I've only gotten "Unfair" metamods in the couple weeks, really annoying.

Journal Journal: New Slashdot/CSS annoyance 5

Okay, it's Wednesday, so maybe this is the newest feature; but it's driving me crazy. When scrolling down through an article the "# of comments/Better-Worse/More-Less" Bar jumps to the top of the window and sticks there; taking up precious real estate on my little 12" pBook. Maybe it's because I have mod points at the moment I don't know. Just very frustrating.
(aren't you glad this wasn't a post about sex or boxes)

User Journal

Journal Journal: [Birthday] A short poem^h^h^h^hMadlibs for johndiii

When at last I see thy eyes my heart swells with lust of unimaginable desire.
Blood and alcohol pulse through my veins.

All the world could waste away but for your brightness.

Oh dear John,
You make me swoon
As I wander these lonely roads
You smile strikes me.

Happy Birthday monkey man
Best wishes and naked women to you
from your Slashdot pals

format curtest of SillyPixie

User Journal

Journal Journal: How teens are redefining their sexual image [Tom Read this] 2

The New York Metro's The Cuddle Puddle of Stuyvesant High School is a really interesting, if long (7 pages) look at how teens are redefining their sexuality. Admittedly it may not be a representative sample, as Stuy is one of the hardest schools in the country to get into; so these are very bright students; and this article has to do with a self-selecting subset of them. But the article looks at home homosexual expression has become more common, especially among girls though it talks about guys as well. About how this generation may be expressing itself as bi, or pansexual, or pick any word you want.

Just a really good read.

Journal Journal: New /. Feature? 3

Is anyone else seeing skiny grey bars between the normal story posts? I am sseing links to Ask Slashdot articles that didn't make the front page.
Anyone else seeing anything? Did Cmdr T make a switch on odd day or have I just been missing it?

Desktops (Apple)

Journal Journal: Powerbook Why Have You Forsaken Me? 1

I woke this morning to find the powerbook had crashed overnight, not all that unusual for me. Came into work, diddled around with my morning routine; then went to flip on the notebook. I was greated by the little Mac "ding," followed by awful awful sounds of whirring and thrashing coming from the HD bay of my poor little 12-inch.

Went to see the Mac admin (coincidentaly the wife of my boss) but she's out at someones office right now. Wrote her an email, hopefully she'll get back to me soon. As many of you know I am in the throes of grad school applications right now, and kind of need the notebook. Luckily I backed up what I was working on last night before I went to bed, so I don't actually need anything recovered from the drive; but still a pain in the ass.

In any case please cross your fingers for me.

Update: Got the Tiger install DVD and Diskwarrior from the Mac admin. After much thrashing the powerbook booted off the DVD. Ran Disk Utility, unfortunately it doesn't even report the presence of a hard drive in the system. At least it died in full blazing glory and not just a half-hearted corruption of the disk.

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