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Desktops (Apple)

Journal Journal: Powerbook Why Have You Forsaken Me? 1

I woke this morning to find the powerbook had crashed overnight, not all that unusual for me. Came into work, diddled around with my morning routine; then went to flip on the notebook. I was greated by the little Mac "ding," followed by awful awful sounds of whirring and thrashing coming from the HD bay of my poor little 12-inch.

Went to see the Mac admin (coincidentaly the wife of my boss) but she's out at someones office right now. Wrote her an email, hopefully she'll get back to me soon. As many of you know I am in the throes of grad school applications right now, and kind of need the notebook. Luckily I backed up what I was working on last night before I went to bed, so I don't actually need anything recovered from the drive; but still a pain in the ass.

In any case please cross your fingers for me.

Update: Got the Tiger install DVD and Diskwarrior from the Mac admin. After much thrashing the powerbook booted off the DVD. Ran Disk Utility, unfortunately it doesn't even report the presence of a hard drive in the system. At least it died in full blazing glory and not just a half-hearted corruption of the disk.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Anyone have a spare Verizon phone? 4

Anyone have a spare Verizon phone in the back of a closet? One of my best friends had her phone kick the bucket, and is trying to avoid signing a new contract just now, as she is in school and isn't sure she wants to be tied into one plan for another year or two. Not looking for anything fancy, she's used to just a phone that's just a phone. I know, a strange plea, but if you have one that you don't need anymore please let me know.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Weird Ass Dream about a /.'er (Some Woman) 3

So last night I dreamed I met Some Woman. Now I don't normally dream, and I especially don't remember them. And I don't even have Some Woman as a friend, just seen the name kicking around.
But none the less, I dreamt I went to her house to hangout with her and a few other people. She had some very very cool murals painted around her garage and house, and a rack of kayaks. There was also some discussion about a VW rabbit. Bizzarre.

Hardware Hacking

Journal Journal: Baby made the front page... again.. 4

Link to Thread

The glider was launched off Bermuda, and will make a roundtrip from Bermuda to Nantucket and then return to Bermuda to be retreived early this summer.
  Live Data is updated after each dive.

there is also salinity data but fewer people are interested in that.
This being slashdot I'll also directly link Some of the engineering paramters we track.


Journal Journal: Just in time for Valentines

Heard on NPR on my way into town that they have found a new AIDS strain. It was found in NYC, and so far just one case of it. And now the scary part, it went from initial HIV to full blown AIDS in just 3 months. Now keep in mind that the average timespan for initial detection to AIDS is 11 years! The strain is also reistant to the current drugs as well.

The biologist in my knows this is a bad "move" for the virus, and "better" for the human population, because it shortens the transmission window; but as, you know, a person, it is a very scary change.

User Journal

Journal Journal: This is NOT a +5 comment

This just pissed me off:

Craptastic (Score:5, Interesting)
by kmmatthews (779425) * <krism@mailsnare.net> on 18:46 11 January 2005 (#11328361)
(Last Journal: 6:32 26 August 2004) Wow, thank for you a shining sample of a craptastic project. Nothing on the website even says what the project does!

How does it change the router? What new features are added?

Even if you download it, it *still* doesn't tell you anything about the project.
shit shit damn damn shit damn fuck [slashdot.org]

For some reason I felt a need to share.


Journal Journal: /. runs cvs update -d.... 4

and suddenly https://slashdot.org is throwing 503's left and right, while http://slashdot.org survives.

User Journal

Journal Journal: I accept Turg's challenge 10

From Turg's Journal:

a challenge: Please invent a meme that results in a JE of 10 words or less for each person who participates -- or at least one that takes less than half an hour to complete! (Hmm. Though you get bonus points for ingenuity if it takes more than half an hour and is still less than 10 words :-).

Meme Challenge, under 10 word:

fvb tbza yva ZVTLAOPUN aopz, P jovzl 7

United States

Journal Journal: Thoughts on our America this Veterans Day 1

well one tv station is coming in tonight so I figured I'd give it a try...
evening "prestigious" 6:30 National News... and I learn that 65 ABC stations will not be showing "Saving Private Ryan"tonight, a movie they have shown the last 2 years on veterans day, because they feel it is indecent (isn't war by definition indecent); ABC offered to pay any fines they received from the FCC, nope they're showing the "Andy Griffith Show" instead...
wtf, what is the point of it all.
(deleting and stopping here so I don't honestly inflame or offend anyone)

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