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Comment Re:You can't edit what you say vocally afterwards. (Score 3, Interesting) 171

Although the site was asked by the poster herself to remove the post, it refused

Sounds like she's learned a hard lesson in "think before you speak".

Ech. Have you ever read anything that passes for a "review" on I don't think anyone has ever "thought before they spoke" in that place, if the rampant abuse that the English language takes in most of those reviews.

Comment Re:Sources also said.... (Score 1) 197

I planned on getting rich by now. It didn't happen, I guess something changed.

I think you'll find there are lots of examples of companies planning to do something and then changing their mind. Not sure any of it is newsworthy...

Wait, so it's news when Company X decides to save money by going with an industry standard with a cushy deal? (which, really, why else does Apple do anything if they can't save money, but hike the price while gimping functionality? - waits for the neg. mod points - )

Comment Re:...And No One Cried During Super Mario 3? (Score 1) 491

Nope. No one noticed.

Now that Nintendo is sitting on a gold-mine from their avalanche of Wii-profits (debatable), and PETA, quickly losing grips on reality (truth), they have to find some way to stay current.

So, with the high-profile release of ANOTHER F'ING MARIO GAME, they throw themselves into it.

Also, dumbass me thought it was released in '93.' No idea why I was 3+ years late.

Comment Re:"fall-back .. to be eventually depreacated" (Score 1) 237

Seriously, the whole point of having multiple DEs is that you can pick the one you want. If your users can't figure out (insert anything here), don't use it!

This. This right here.

I can voice my annoyance, sure, but at the end of the day, stomping my feet won't do anything other than wear down my soles.

Comment Re:"fall-back .. to be eventually depreacated" (Score 5, Insightful) 237

OOoh. I see what you did there!

Seriously, though, I can't wrap my mind around why the most clunky, disgustingly inefficient windows managers are installed BY DEFAULT!

You'd think they were trying to copy Win7 and OS X's shinies in some half-arsed attempt to gain followers...

Oh, wait...

Comment Re:Unnecessary Definition is Unnecessary (Score 2) 247

that leverages the processing power of video cards to generate Bitcoins, a popular type of virtual currency.

At that rate, summary might as well have said: ""

Well, hell. One day, the summary is too terse and doesn't explain enough.. The next day, the summary explains a single term (that, truthfully, no one pays attention to), and suddenly, that's too much?

Fickle bastards, we are.

Comment Re:Correct (Score 1) 203

Well, to be a semantic ass, you ARE making the decision to not give your private data out to anyone else... But that doesn't mean that your bank or card issuer, etc. hasn't passed it themselves part of an advertising agreement with FB. (not saying there IS, but would it shock anyone?)

Problem is, I'm certain we all know it, but simply can't do much about it, legally.

Just saying.

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