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Comment Re:Don't forget housing and condo boards (Score 1) 735

May have to watch what is considered "reasonable" for the trashcans. My husband's cousin lived in a neighborhood with a HOA that said trashcans were not to be put out more than an hour early, and had to be back in your yard within an hour after the garbage truck emptied it. Yes, that did involve staying home on garbage day for them.

Comment My oldest saw infrared as a baby (Score 1) 311

When my oldest was a baby, she reacted strongly to infrared light. My husband tried to get some video of her sleeping in a very dark room, dark hall behind him, no light anywhere. The infrared from the camera woke her up, and she covered her eyes and cried. She was only a few months old at the time, but it was very clear that the infrared was bothering her quite a bit. I have no idea if she can still do that, have to test it sometime.

Comment Re:The Obvious Answer (Score 1) 343

Online charter schools are an option. There are a few good programs out there. They're more or less a cross between homeschooling and public schooling. They get funding from the state, you probably have to participate in state testing, but my daughter attended one last year and it was much better than the neighborhood school.

Comment Re:The Obvious Answer (Score 2) 343

My kids got into a new charter school this year. Our neighborhood school closed for poor quality, and reopened as a district-owned charter school. They joined International Baccalaureate, which is supposed to be a good program, so I'm hoping it goes well, but we'll have to see. I had removed my oldest from the neighborhood school and home schooled her last year due to the old school's poor quality, and that went much better than I expected. We'll see if this charter school, with a significant number of the same students and teachers, but not entirely, does better or not.

Of course, this year has been challenging for the teachers, getting used to all the extra things IB expects them to do. I've heard not all are coping, but my son's teacher is wonderful, the best I've ever dealt with, and my daughter is mostly content with her teacher but is missing the independence of the homeschool program.

I've found that homeschooling takes a serious commitment to the social side of things, something I'm not great at. Our program did have days where we could attend a class in person each week, which helped, but more really was needed. We were still figuring that part out when the charter school opportunity came about.

Comment Re:Antitrust? (Score 1) 224

Thank you. I don't understand the urge to compare the salary for jobs that take a high degree of training and skill with with the average salary, and treating it like a bad thing. They aren't the same thing at all. The extra education and skill the jobs take should have benefits like better pay, so long as you can really do the work.

I'm not an engineer, tried physics, but it wasn't what I wanted in the long run. Still, had I kept with it I would have expected a good rate of pay and a lot of hard work.

Comment Tongue in cheek? (Score 1) 292

I'm thinking the article sounds more tongue in cheek than serious. That said, my niece has the trampoline, and the kids all go pretty wild on it. No big injuries yet. My daughter's preschool and kindergarten had the stepper stilts, and even with crowds of kids playing, they were never a problem. One of the more popular recess activities, in fact.

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