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Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 532

Avatar: The last air bender, a three season cartoon story produced in the United States, is quite good. Not to be confused with the big blue Avatar, or the live action movie that condensed the story from the first season.

Comment Re:Subjective (Score 1) 603

By 'they' I mean a distro, like Ubuntu for instance. If 10gui eventually comes up with their own window manager (I'm not sure how they plan to distribute or implement their desktop idea.) Ubuntu could let you choose between it and a more standard one like Gnome the same way you can decide between gnome or kde.

Also though, the 10gui concept does change the interface pretty dramatically, the concept would work for any program out there out of the box. In fact, if you use one of wacom's bamboo devices which are already available you'd have the benefit of pen input for fine grain control in artsy applications.

hey, its Linux. They is you! Take a chance, make a new distro.

Comment Re:Now... (Score 1) 348

Make it occur naturally.

Or rather - aren't there some kinds of mushrooms and other flora that glow in the dark? Why not just splice that plant with a tree. I know, I use the term splice like its an easy task.

actually, splicing is fairly easy with trees- or did you mean genetic splicing?

Comment Re:Ah yes (Score 1) 96

Truth of it is, if you didn't witness it first hand, you'll never know what actually happened. Everyone revises history, sometimes on purpose, sometimes not. The best we can do is ask around and use the majority of agreeing sources as "fact". This is why it's important to be a part of things, as opposed to reading them (says the guy in his mom's basement).

Even if you do witness something first hand, your own biases and limited perception can change the 'facts'.

Comment Re:Oh, nevermind. (Score 1) 125

Neither "controlled" the host, it is blind evolutionary luck.

There's no such thing as non-"blind lucky" evolution.

Or, from the opposite PoV, there's no luck in large numbers.

With a large enough number of ants, spores and years, you're bound to get a fungus that makes the ant write Hamlet.

crap. I just squash that ant last week when he crawled onto my keyboard. How was I to know he was trying to write hamlet?

Comment Re:That's how the market is supposed to work. (Score 2, Informative) 762

that is how the market worked. For some period of time you could sell a used Prius for about what you paid for it.

1. buy a prius
2. dive it around for a year
3. buy another one
4. sell the old one
5. get a tax credit
6. profit!

no ????. The size of the 'profit!' depended on the value of the tax credit, the cost to buy and sell a car (taxes, fees), and one year of depreciation after supply rose to meet demand.

Comment Re:MS invented here JUST LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO (Score 1) 163

I'd demo'ed multi-threading systems to a bunch of Windows developers years ago and they were unimpressed.

Uh, multi-threading wasn't available for the PC until the Pentium 4 was released. Prior to that, x86 processors were incapable of it in anything but multitasking and non-simultaneous multi-threading (same thing, really). If it can't be done simultaneously, there isn't much point to multi-threading.

That was a full year after Windows XP was released, which came with support for simultaneous multi-threading.

So I'm not sure what systems you were running with multi-threading, but they for damn sure weren't x86, so there was absolutely no point for a Windows developer to pay any attention to you. It's like saying "my sailboat does 50 knots" to someone who races motorcycles. That may be extremely impressive to a sailor, but to a biker won't be impressive in the slightest.

Actually, there a quite a few problems that are easier to manage with multiple program pointers with separate memory stacks in the same general address space, even if they are not truly simultaneous. Web servers, for example. Sure, you could have separate process communicating though shared memory- but context switching introduces a fair amount of overhead.

Anyway, thats what I was using threads for back before windows 98 was released.

Comment Re:Whaazzaaaa? (Score 1) 364

Have you read some of the crazy shit some string theorists publish? You only think you're joking (and your "misinterpretation" is only about 50 milli-Tiplers of crazy). 100 years from now the publications in string theory-related journals will be a textbook example of how a scientific community can collapse into uselessness.

You can't reproduce my results because your interpretation of string theory shifts the universe into a non compatible state every time you try the experiment! Did you try more bat guano?

When experimental results are reproducibly different based on the beliefs of the experimenter, we will have a definitive test for existence of god. Who will exist or not exist depending on what people want to find.

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