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Comment Re:Seems they are always underestimating the clima (Score 1) 605

Unfortuntaley I dont know any, along with most of the population so I'll have to base my understanding on what I hear on the news and trust they dont exaggerate things. They should have more actual scientists in the media explain how they things work but instead we have a lot of people telling us to be very worried based on "scientific consesus", but no real scientific explanation. I understand the basic idea about how they model climate based on models in computers but the climate of the planet is so complex involving so many factors I find it hard to believe that accurate predictions can be made based on this. Then when the predictions dont match the model it makes me at least think that the theory behind the prediction could be wrong. When you then add to this that this is now a political and econimic issue its easy to see that reporting can be prejudiced because of whats at stake.

Comment Use Vacuum instead of Helium (Score 1) 231

This would require a smaller volume balloon than the equivalent helium balloon. There is the small technological breakthrough that needs to be made for the containment vessel. At the moment the only thing that can contain a vaccuum is something very thick and heavy like steel which would ruin the whole project.

Comment Seems they are always underestimating the climate (Score 2) 605

In general when someone makes an estimate of something, they are too low 50% of the time and too high 50% some of the time. Somehow they are always underestimating the figures. Doesn't seem very likely to me. More likely people are just exaggerating to get attention. If this isnt happening then looked at from a scientific point of view. If the model they are using for the climate is consistently giving figures that are too low, it doesnt mean we must give more credit to that theory, it means we must look for a new one.

Comment Few titles will use DirectX 11.1 then (Score 1) 553

From a commercial point of view, when you release software on windows, you want to be able to target the most people possible. As most people won't have windows 8 for a while, no ones going to develop for it. Personally I am still using XP on my home computer and have found no problems with it. I bet theres quite a few people still on XP. Most software still runs perfectly well, plus its hardware requirements are lower.

Comment If you follow this logic of this law then... (Score 1) 642

..many other restrictions will follow. burgers & fries are bad for you, therefore they must only be sold in small sizes (no big macs, quarter pounders). Liquor is unhealthy so must be banned. Fast cars kill more people than slow ones, so everyone must drive renault 5's and so on. Which is why I dont like this at all.

Comment Re:Why not just use your phone? (Score 1) 415

I think using your phone is a good idea too. It saves you have to carry around an extra device which wont exactly fit in your pocket. I read on an htc wildfire which has a 3 1/4 inch screen which is bit small but I manage by using a big font size. This means I have to change the page more often than on a kindle or whatever but it doesnt trouble me.

Comment Stop calling car fuel gas (Score 1) 398

Could I please ask our American friends to stop refering to the stuff you put in cars as gas? Its very cinfusing for the rest of us English speaking people where gas means light stuff that floats around in the air like oxygen or something. Please call it petrol or go juice.

Comment Couldnt these lasers cause an asteroid collision (Score 1) 120

If you have the technolgy to cause an asteroid to avoid earth, couldnt you use that same technology to make an asteroid to hit earth? You would just need to find an asteroid that was on a near miss course and give it a nudge. Maybe this technology should be banned for the same reason they wanted to ban the recent paper on flu research.

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