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Comment Re:Information... (Score 1) 169

There are also a huge honey pot with a lot of piggies firmly planted in those pies. Recent history has taught us that a couple of well lucrative contracts = a couple of helpful politicians.

If textbooks were online, I would think OLPC or netbooks (even if they only lasted a couple of years) could probably be used for the same, or less cost. They would also add a lot of utility. Hopefully it is not just a would-be-cool thought.

Training would be a bitch though.

Comment My grandpa (Score 1) 155

He died at a ripe old age, but after years of Alzheimer's which was most clearly evidenced as wild-assed paranoia. I somehow think strangers knowing where he was in his own house would have been a little much for him.

He was always convinced of secret conspiracies. I guess he was from that generation. I don't think I would have had the heart to make his nightmares come true. Hell, I'm reasonably rational and this would wig me out.

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