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Comment Re:Well we now know what Kurzweil is doing @ Googl (Score 2) 94

N/C No Change
N/C No Comment
N/C No Charge
N/C Not Covered
N/C new condition
N/C Numerical Control
N/C No Connect (electronics)
N/C Normally Closed Contact
N/C Non-Consensual
N/C Nuclear to Cytoplasmic
N/C Newton Per Coulomb
N/C Number of Users Per Cell Density

"Nuclear to Cytoplasmic" sounds like Ray. I don't know what it means but that's par for the course, eh?

Comment Fresh Starts (Score 3, Interesting) 642

I've always loved these thought experiments, carving up the world into new and improved political alignments. This stemmed from encountering C. Etzel Pearcy's proposed 38 State map published in the 1975 People's Almanac; his notions of a better functioning nation arising from a more equitable distribution of state alignments really had an impact on me, growing up as I did on the mostly barren east side of Oregon, and listening to my elders constantly complaining about getting shafted via taxes by the moneygrubbers in Portland/Salem/Eugene. The Almanac also featured another new map of the US, with 22 states I think; can't find any info about it at the moment though.

Also an interesting read was Joel Garreau's book The Nine Nations of North America, which was more about the cultural mass regions that make up the continent.

Comment Re:Apples (Score 1) 174

You forgot the good ol' Red Delicious. Possibly on purpose? In the US anyway it's the epitome of the "industrial apple." I wouldn't be surprised to find it on sale around the globe.

I don't recognize any of the varieties on your list but then I'm anything but a epicure. There's no less than 7.5k cultivars of apples so it's not surprising that a list from another country might be full of names that are unfamiliar.

Funny: To begin researching this I highlighted the word 'Apple' and right-clicked in Chrome; the context menu said "Search Google for Apple". Now why would I want to do that...wait a minute...

Comment Re:Left-Handed Dvorak (Score 1) 165

Unless, perhaps, he learns to play clarinet with only his right hand.

Actually special instruments adapted for the disabled to play one-handed aren't unheard of. Here's a one-handed flute made for a veteran of WWI who had an arm amputated; this one is left handed and there's a right handed version at that site as well. And here's a whole page of instruments adapted for the disabled in this manner. Mind you, these are all woodwinds, I'm not sure how you'd play a guitar with only one arm.

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