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Comment Re:"engineering" in Asia is a male general degree (Score -1) 769

A similar misconception arises when with the saying "China [or India] graduates many more engineers than the USA". When you normalize for the fact that engineering Asia covers things not considered engineering in the USA, then the difference is not that great.

Actually, that's not correct, it's the other way around. In US, the university I went to (it's in the top 10) has a degree called MS in Engineering Management (EM). This degree is an absolute joke, it has no technical content- more like a something from the Humanities/ MBA department. But is still classified under "Engineering".

Comment Re:Diaries (Score -1) 8

Couldn't find your torrent using google!?
Anyway not sure what its about but can you send one to server_3249 at hotmail please.

Nice post, I enjoy your writing style. Since you are anyway writing, you should put up one of those blogs. I am sure you'd get lots of visitors and then you could use adsense ads too.

Comment Re:...And one generation behind on HTML5 (Score -1) 341

Speed is not the only factor in choosing a browser. The problem with Chrome is that it's extremely annoying to use in MANY ways, especially for a user who is not in the novice category. The bookmarks, extensions and menus are a disaster of functionality- And they are INTENDED so, because Google wants you to search rather than use client to get the job done.

Comment Re:I used to play on that one. (Score 1) 356

When I recently installed the game on trial to see how things have progressed I found I was not missing anything. The whole sense of community is gone. The cities are freakin deserted and the starter areas are deserted too. The dungeons are just assembled at random and people are teleported in and out of groups. It was a ghastly experience and for the first time I wondered- why should I waste my time on this shit. I now have a few characters including a lev 60 one that died and fell off a cliff into the next zone. I couldn't be bothered to find the spirit, just quit instead.

Comment Re:Already an issue.. (Score 1) 429

If you restore the firmware completely through itunes (i.e. click Shift-Restore) and replace the OS, would it be the same thing as what you described as "clean wipe"? Cause I have an ipod touch 2g and after installing ios 4 (unmodified), it became very slow in all interactions, sometimes it takes like double the time it used to take to open screens.

Comment Re:FRAUD (Score 2, Informative) 100

How would you like all the services you deal with billed annually, but then misrepresented as a monthly cost? It's NOT a monthly cost unless you have the option to pay monthly. The fact that you guys don't understand that this is a marketing gimmick is amazing. Just cause it's in the fine print, doesn't mean it's not a questionable practice. They know that no one will pay $24 for this 10 (?) year old piece of shit, so they advertise a monthly rate but then surprise them with an annual rate. They're sleazeballs

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