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Comment Re:market (Score 2) 293

I wonder why this isn't an option for the Tesla sedan. Put a gas generator out on a trailer,

Because people who want to drive a sedan don't want to pull a trailer. But for a pickup it's a complete non-issue because even if you're using the bed, you can still put a generator on one of those hitch-mount cargo platforms.

Comment Re:The main issue with an electric pickup... (Score 1) 293

Some of us are too large to sleep in anything smaller than a long-bed pickup truck. I'm two meters tall, there's no Subaru in which I won't be cramped lying down. As well, you certainly can't haul a sheet of plywood in one, but that won't even tax an electric pickup. Some appliances will fit in a Forester, but few will fit in any other Subaru.

I have a car and a truck though. Both diesel. Car gets 30 mpg free way real-world and has enough room for a mutant like me.

Comment Re:Ford (Score 1) 293

That's not what happened, because now there are no trucks which do precisely what the Ranger did, which is to say be a light truck with room for fat people, even if they are tall. So now you need a mid-sized (half-ton) truck to serve that purpose.

The good news is that the mileage on the half-ton trucks is getting better...

Comment Re:Good idea, wrong approach. (Score 1) 222

This would be a great thing for cloning all those obnoxious loyalty cards that clog your billfold, if it could clone those, but I'm guessing it is only for credit cards.

If you have a transflective, decently high-resolution display, you can display barcodes on your screen and the scanner can read them. Most loyalty cards have barcodes even if they have magstrips.

Comment Re:The main issue with an electric pickup... (Score 1) 293

(I still own a Ford Bronco. It's basically an 4WD F-250 with a shorter wheelbase. Good for towing a horse trailer. 12 MPG when not towing, so not good for much else.)

My 1992 F250 7.3 with a turbo kit gets 15+ MPG on the freeway with 35" mud tires... And it's you're Bronco's big daddy. Down to the Dana IFS.

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