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Comment Re:as always full of shit (Score 1) 71

So two products which don't exist (yet? maybe) and the world's cheapest and probably worst-supported RK3188 stick with clearly inadequate ventilation. And the only one which might have decent GPIO somewhere onboard, if you go to the trouble of hacking some leads on, is the tablet.

I'd love to buy one of those tablets. But this does not answer the question.

You should also be aware that RK3066 is still bad at 1080p, so is RK3188. RK3188 has overheating problems at 1080p so far. RK3066 is just bad at it. Also, the GPU offloading is mediocre. Poor XBMC support, for example, so far. But there is at least good format support in the latest rom, supposedly. So the R-Pi is still pretty good at the most important selling features compared to the price-competitive competition, which is to say 1080p and video support. On the other hand, the USB is pure crap which transcends awfulness. On the gripping hand, cheap USB sticks tend to be overheating little pieces of crap.

Comment Re:Not with that CPU (Score 1) 71

We did not learn on disposable hardware that's barely able to run common applications.

Back then there wasn't the wealth of common applications in the hands of users, so they were happy to take what they could get. But business was being done on Unix systems and on mainframes and minicomputers and that software very much would not run on the PC.

Comment Re:I'd like to see his thoughts on... (Score 1) 71

Yes, the RK3188 trails the competition (Exynos quad, Tegra 3) slightly in GPU performance, but spanks it in every other category but storage performance. Well, beats it in every other category, spanks it in a few. Still Mali 400, but they gave it a 25% clock boost. And meanwhile, the Mali is the only ARM GPU for which there are passable FOSS graphics drivers. If you want some assurance of being able to use the hardware for arbitrary purposes in the future, you should still be opting for a Mali-based solution. Nvidia has made some noises about open-sourcing the drivers for their ARM-related GPUs (in Tegra) which they claim is "doable" in exactly the way that it isn't for their mainstream GPUs; they don't actually name Microsoft but the idea is that they don't have partners in a position to prevent them. We'll see; I'm not holding my breath for that any more than I am for Rockchip to start putting out kernel releases on a reasonable basis. But since Exynos is arguably the least closed of all of the quad-core ARM platforms, if you're not happy with Tegra (and I'm not) then rockchip with mali is all that's left.

I ordered a MK908 for $62, if all goes well I will post the link if it's still active. It was on in4dealz, which is one of those sites that has many sketchy reviews and many good reviews even after you filter out all the obvious astroturf.

Comment Re:Interesting indeed (Score 1) 100

The problem is that back then, all the stuff was essentially hand-built. These days, you let CNC machines do the dirty work. That essentially means that while the geometry of the nozzle etc. is still valid, you can't simply manufacture old stuff the new way.

You can simply manufacture old stuff the old way. There may be a shortage of machinists, but they aren't nonexistent.

Comment Re:no, no it won't (Score 1) 719

Well, I'd say that the BIGGEST problem is that people are starving by the millions when there is in fact plenty of food for them all - it just fails distribution because of governments/politics, etc.

We're getting closer, anyway. The biggest problem is that TPTB have no motivation to make life not be a zero-sum or even negative-sum game because they are winning. It's fine for them if it's like that... for now. Obviously this is not sustainable. And even Science Fiction is filled with cautionary tales about the fact that you cannot maintain a technological society without a certain number of people. (You might be able to replace many of them with computers one day, but it's there's plenty of cautionary tales about that as well.) So you can't just get rid of all the people, but that's where these policies lead. Green Revolution farming actually destroys farmland and turns it into an inert medium for hydroponics. But it is increasingly failing even on that basis because massive monocultures are inherently unsustainable. They lead to massive explosions in birthrate of "pest" species which cause not only later dieoffs which spread disease, but also massive impact to crops. And the pests (and diseases!) are increasingly becoming resistant to the treatments which we have to bring to bear.

If you are willing to plant food in guilds and harvest by hand, and if your customers are willing to buy the food which is in season, then none of this bullshit is necessary. We have massive unemployment so there's plenty of idle hands. But we also have legal protectionism (and indeed, even subsidies) for the industry producing low-value foods which provides an unfair incentive which keeps the green machine rolling over soil and spitting dirt out the arse.

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