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Comment IT dept (Score 1) 214

I'm always amazed that an IT department needs to be justified in this day & age but I understand what you mean. IT is misunderstood routinely. I think one major 'big picture' issue that should be discussed with management of any company is what their goals are and what their future plans will be. Until they can answer that, creating an IT department may be putting the cart before the horse. That said, it sounds like your company is moving forward and growing and managing multiple sites will require at least one body per site. If your company doesn't see IT valuable and necessary I'm not sure how they can expect to grow. Just the physical layout of your company with remote sites will produce a need by default. I've worked in a company where one guy was trying to manage exactly the type of configuration you find yourself in--remote sites, growing staff, growing tech demands, etc.--and let me tell you if was a mess when I started there simply because it was unmanageable. IT is very time consuming and NOT always in a 9-5 schedule. You'll be surprised that even 100 users, while seemingly small, will place heavy demands on your time and resources as the business grows. I think you just need to set up a formal meeting and ask---then go from there. Justification of a dedicated IT department doesn't seem that unreasonable especially if your managers expect to grow quickly.

Comment Lack of Internet in Poorer areas (Score 2) 392

They are probably better off...the way Comcast and Verizon (the only 2 real choices in our area) charge ridiculous prices and, frankly, price fix everything the cost would be too high for most and I am NOT going to subsidize someone else just because I can afford my connection right way. If Obama had his way he would make those of us who can afford it pay for everyone who cannot...last I checked, having internet access wasn't a God-given right....although Liberals would have you believe that...

Comment Drug running tunnels (Score 1) 448

Until the drug addicts decide to stop living for the high these things will always be around and this drug war a losing, continuous battle. I'd like to see billions poured into getting people OFF drugs and reduce their customer lists instead of this good money after bad scenario with no real payoff for taxpayers or this nation.

Comment IT versus NON-IT (Score 2) 960

I've been in IT for a long time and one thing that I have found which ALWAYS ingratiates you to end-users...COMMUNICATION. You would be surprised how far a simple email or phone call (when possible) goes with non-IT folks. They just want to know what's going on and stay "in the loop" as it were. If you, as the IT expert, can develop people skills and make users feel like they matter--TRUST ME-- when the s--t hits the fan and systems really go down end-users (generally) are willing to give you a break and cut some slack. If you treat end-users and management with disdain then you get what you deserve as the "hated IT person". I've worked with many IT folks and, yes, there are jerks out there who think they are God's gift to computers and turn everyone off. You've got to be better in other areas--not just the technical ones and if you cannot manage an understanding of people or businesses then you might as well look for other work because you are worthless if all you know is one facet of IT....peace all! Oh yeah, just to piss off some out there Merry Christmas!! It's OK to say Christmas....

Comment Debt committee (Score 1, Insightful) 954

The fact that this group was needed simply tells the American people that we not only have a dysfunctional government right now but these so-called elected "leaders" can't get the job done and it is one they are paid to do....Congress failed the minute they appointed this smaller group. In essence, they punted on the hard decision so they could wash their hands of it--plain & simple. This government is a disaster right now and while the previous administration may have caused some things leading up to Obama's term, the fact is this administration does not take ownership of anything, blames other people/events for their problems and is dividing this country by the hour and setting us back decades both on the federal level as well as personal levels. I've never seen or heard of a President causing so much hatred and divisiveness among groups within the country. I hope all the black voters out there don't simply vote this guy back in simply because he is black--he has to be the most racist and divisive President this country has had in a long time. The only difference between him and people who are outwardly racist is the fact that he practices it through policies, speaking out of both sides of his mouth and puts things in motion behind closed doors out of public eye. To me, that's more dangerous than hate groups in the least you can deal with those idiots in public and in the open. How can you fight racism and hypocrisy on this level when you don't know until it is too late? Very disappointed in our government and we may need another Declaration Of Independence to free ourselves of this current government. It is in the Constitution and DOI--when the government ceases to be in place for the people and begins to usurp too much power it is time to disband it and create a new government---that's really what we need now as this cancer has been growing for decades long before Bush was in office. We've got a do-nothing Congress, divisive President and a court system that is out of control with a "Statist" agenda. We need to turn this country around and right this ship once and for all....America was NOT built to have government interfere in our lives and tax us ad infinitum--that's why we broke with England in case anyone forgot. The government believe it can dole our rights to citizens...they forget...WE, the people, give the government its power and WE the people can take it away. Otherwise, we might as well be Socialist or worse, Communist at our core and we know how well those systems works don't we. I find it hypocritical that WE, as a nation, are supporting revolutions around the world so people can opt in to Democracy YET our government is killing our democratic way of life and taking away the very freedoms other countries are dying for....

Comment Ron Paul's budget ax is excellent! (Score 1) 2247

It's about time someone gets back to the Constitution that our country was founded on. For those of you who think we need government intruding into our lives...go pick another country to live in if you love socialism and communism so much. For that matter, many in this country need to go back and read the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. In case you forgot, America was found because of the British tyranny over the colonists. All these Statists (i.e. govt is everything) need to be squashed once and for all and put back in their place. They are ruining this country now and for generations to come and we can thank good old Roosevelt for his shady govt programs and deceit of the citizens at that time...he took advantage of people when they were most desperate and pushed many government entitlement programs and set them up so people would become addicted to entitlements. it was brilliant in an of itself but now look at us...half the country truly believes the government has their best interest at heart...what planet do you live on? I bet you think the government actually has a Social security trust fund too...wake up people!! You may not agree with Ron Paul or even like the guy but his solutions make sense for this country--LESS GOVT, LESS TAXES, LESS REGULATION!! That is the ONLY way this country moves forward...not going to happen with this administration.

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