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Comment he's doing his job (Score 1) 240

MS has been on the way down for a long, long time.

If you think Balmer's job is to take it to new heights, I personally think you're stupid. He's not the man for that kind of job, and everyone knows it.

His job is to keep the ship afloat as long as possible, to make the inevitable decline as slow and smooth as possible. And yes, he has been doing quite well on that task. Time and time again we on /., nerds in general and sometimes even the tech press have predicted MS imminent demise, but Balmer has managed to prevent any serious crash & burn.

Comment Re:So happy (Score 1) 365

I also realize that the fucking Sun has much more effect on the climate than we ever will.

You need to brush up your knowledge. You have a great opportunity because the sun is currently entering a rare low activity phase (google "Maunder Minimum").

More importantly: The Sun cycles are an extensively studied subject. We have a very good knowledge about them and their effect on climate. And, guess what, this effect is figured in when scientists talk about climate change.

The earth will have thousands of years where te ice caps are nearing Texas. It has happened many time in the past and will happen may more times with or without us. Most people are fucking retarded when it comes to climate.

Yes, it has happened many times. The earth is a huge ball of rock, it'll survive pretty much no matter what. It won't give a damn if temperatures go up to a couple hundred degrees - see Venus, she's also doing just fine.

Except, of course, that there's almost certainly no life there.

Climate change isn't about protecting the environment. It's about protecting us, you stupid idiot. The only retard in this discussion is you, because you don't understand what the effect of changes in climate really is. Go ask some people who know about global food production, because you can already measure it there. In a few years, you'll be able to measure it in casualties. Human casualties.

Comment Re:Dirty Laundry (Score 1) 266

In small words it says "whether one wishes to know about science or religion, there is a place for teachers."

Religious indoctrination is not teaching. There is a very important difference between science and religion: One is evidence-based, and the other isn't. In one a teacher shows you things you can then do for yourself, and build upon. In the other, you are asked to believe with no evidence or proof. In one, if you can show your teacher was wrong and a different answer is better, you are a hero. In the other... well, fortunately the times where you'd be burnt at the stake are past.

Religion and science could not be further apart. The fact that people talk about them, including teaching and "teaching", is about the only thing they have in common. Don't confuse them because of a random correlation.

I beleive he was taking a more inclusive view about the abstract hierarchy of church leadership and the preisthood in general rather than the very narrow view of the Vatican specifically.

He said "Vatican", not church. He certainly meant the institution and not the plot of land, I'll grant you that. From the way he consistently spoke about the Vatican, not the church, I would not assume he means something he doesn't say. Even within the catholic church, the Vatican is a special case.

Really, If the GP only meant the Vatican specifically then his point would have been specious.

Would it? I'm pretty sure the old men who enjoy the pleasures of having their own tiny state would disagree violently. There have been a few power-struggles within the catholic church regarding the position of the Vatican over the past decade or two. I don't think that would happen if it doesn't matter.

Comment Re:Uncomfortable Relationship (Score 1) 250

You ever work with law enforcement? Dude its fucking SCARY how little many of them know how this shit works, just because they have a badge doesn't make 'em immune to what i call the "NCIS delusion" where they think you can magically do that CSI shit without risking anything. Hell I once had a state crime lab guy ask me for a program to find and sift files from a Win95 box as all they had were automated tools designed for NTFS and without the tools? Lost.

I have had them tell me they would "cover for me" if I would hack into a state owned PC, had them expect me to be able to push a button and instantly give them a street address, there is a REASON why they automatically go overboard when you talk PC, its because most of them frankly don't know any more than the civvies and fear you can do the shit like on that dumbass movie and "hack the Gibson" and shut off the world, considering how the alien dialup guy was getting into the DoD? i don't think you'd have to hack the Gibson, more like hack the Atari..LOL.

Comment Re:Casting stones (Score 1) 266

There's a difference between being a common man with common sense and being someone who claims he holds the keys to heaven, knows right and wrong and is entitled to teach everyone else.

I'm surprised that needs to be explained.

Comment Re:Dirty Laundry (Score 1) 266

"surely men of the cloth would be much more noble, moral and ethical than the norm."
Because why?

Because those who claim to be the masters of moral need to demonstrate so through their own actions, or else all their claims about knowing right from wrong are in doubt.

If you truly believe in science why do you need universities? What possible benefit could there be to gained from people who dedicate their lives to research and teaching? Surely one does not need teachers. Full knowledge springs into the minds of those who want it. Or not.

What is this? It is neither an argument, nor even coherent. Meaningless rambling does not make a point, you know?

The necessity of the Vatican is a valid question, given that it didn't exist before 1929 and that there were times in history when Rome wasn't the (or not the only) seat of the pope.

The church, like the university may not be perfect, but its not as entirely ridiculous as you imply.

The church is not identical to the Vatican. You are not addressing the GPs point but a similar one you invented yourself.

Comment Re:PCs are not going to die. (Score 1) 385

If ALL you are doing is passively consuming? Sure that will work fine...most folks aren't just passive consumers though friend.

Take my GF's roommate for an example, I call her "That girl" (short for "that loudmouthed nosy girl") so we'll call her that. That girl bought a tablet...never uses it,why? She found that while it would let her passively surf or look at her email, when it came to replying or playing her FB games or chatting with her friends? It really REALLY sucked ass for that. and it isn't like she is what anybody would call a "hardcore" user by any stretch, her idea of "gaming" is that little flower growing game (or as i call it "Hamster push the button and gets a pellet") but she found that thanks to her roomie having a BF that knows PCs it cost her next to nothing to get an HDMI cable and wireless keyboard/mouse setup and now she can kick back all comfy and do everything she wants so the tablet sits in the box.

so from what I'm seeing not very many folks fit your anecdote, too many want to tweet, chat on FB, play their little games, write emails AND do the passive stuff and honestly? even with the BT keyboard frankly those little ARM jobbies I've found to be just too underpowered to be anything but irritating, like trying to watch a movie on a cellphone while you CAN do it most would find it seriously wanting.

Comment Re:PCs are not going to die. (Score 1) 385

Not him but I gotta throw a flag, bullshit on the field. The game you cite is frankly notorious for being a giant pig, no different than the Crytek games when it comes to wasting cycles, and most folks aren't gonna base their entire gaming exp around BF 3.

I can tell you my youngest loves games like the Borderlands series, along with huge MMORPGs and his 3.3Ghz Athlon X3 with an HD4850 cranks the purty just fine, and I'm playing the Bioshock series, the Saints Row games, the Crytek games, Deus Ex HR, Serious Sam 3 BFE (Had to grab the Humble Bundle, gotta love me some Sam I Am) and most of the time my AMD hexacore is running in triple core mode with again an HD4850 and on my single monitor? Looks fricking great. I even have an Athlon X3 and HD4850 set up in the shop to show people what kind of games they can play on their TV with a PC, I have Just Cause II loaded on it and all it takes is me planting a half a dozen C4s and doing the "cool guys don't look at explosions" bit while these huge gasoline fires blow and smokestacks fall for it to be an easy sale.

So if you are gonna be judging systems you really need to use something besides Battle Fatass 3, that would be like judging a system based on how it run the carrier bit in Crysis that is so badly coded there is a fan made patch just to turn down that single spot because even the ultra high end cards would have graphical glitches on that shit. But hey, if having a big ePeen makes you happy? Who am I to judge ;-)

Comment Re:PCs are not going to die. (Score 1) 385

Actually friend in a way you are BOTH right but I'd add that the reason gaming slowed to a crawl was NOT because of the consoles, its because making a triple A game at current standards can easily cost $50 million plus.

I don't remember which gaming house CEO said it (it may have been the head of Epic, maybe Crytek, not sure) but they said to really push the graphics up to the level that even the midrange hardware like an Athlon Quad or HD7750 can do right now? would shoot the cost of developing the games into $120 million plus territory and the devs simply can't afford to spend that kind of money, one flop can kill them as it is, with those kinds of numbers you can sell 5 million copies on launch day and lose money like Ubisoft did on the new Tomb Raider.

So according to him its NOT the consoles that are holding things back, in fact he predicted we aren't gonna see a big leap with the new consoles like we did with the last one, simply because the cost to make a game with THAT high a level of graphics and physics would break the bank of any company that tried.

BTW nice to see a former PC guy, still selling myself, but if anything the dropping prices have made it even easier to sell but these dumbo OEMs are trying to listen to MSFT and Intel and crank out Macbook clones and getting screwed. The sweet spot right now is between $350-$550 and you go past $550 at your own peril, these OEMs will learn that soon enough.

Comment Re:PCs are not going to die. (Score 1) 385

Mind some advice friend? Look at the AMD hexas, especially the Phenom IIs, you can score them crazy cheap if you look around and can get a damned good gaming board from a company like Asrock (Asus and Asrock are one now BTW, with the Asus side mainly laptop and Asrock mainly desktop) for dirt cheap, really great way to get a nice gaming rig for little green. Pair it with an HD7750 or HD7770, hell get a CF enabled board like mine and by this fall you'll be able to score double HD7750s for around $120 and you'll be smoking.

But do NOT toss that Athlon X2 system, still plenty of uses for that baby. You can underclock it and it'll make a great low power HTPC or you can go to starmicro and either squeeze some more performance out by getting a cheap upgrade or if you want to go the HTPC route I'd recommend the 4850E which is just 45w at 2.5Ghz so it makes a great whisper quiet HTPC. Slap the old board into something like one of the cheap VCR style cases on amazon and tada! Slick HTPC that looks great and runs like a champ!

I have to say having the hardware cycle slow down has been fine by me, i can still sell plenty of HTPCs and having the GPU turnover slow down means its cheaper than ever to give my customers a gaming upgrade. Hell me and my boys have been gaming the last 3 years on HD4850s, they cost just $60 a pop at the time (and can be found for as little as $35 online now) and despite our love of shooters they have been kicking the behind. I'll be upgrading us to the HD7750s or HD7770s this fall NOT because our games need it but simply for the power savings, not having to blow $100+ a GPU times three every other year has certainly been fine by me ;-)

Comment Re:PCs are not going to die. (Score 2) 385

Exactly and as I pointed out we have just about reached the limits of die shrinks because of electron leakage so barring some amazing new material most of the R&D will end up going to performance per watt and improving what they already have.

I mean put yourself in the shoes of one of my average customers. They walk into the shop,see the triples and quads, see the dual core you REALLY think they will give a rat's ass if the chip inside was made at 45nm,32nm,or 22nm? Nope all they care about is "Will it do what I want it to do?" and since the answer is "yes with power to spare" they are just happy little campers. hell I've been sticking with the Athlons and Phenom IIs because of how cheap I've been getting them, think folks care if that new quad is the latest and greatest in chip design? Nope they are happy they have a new kick butt system to plug into their widescreen and do their stuff on, that is all.

So honestly if Intel and AMD both stopped R&D tomorrow it really wouldn't matter to the end user, they both have a chip that fits just about any budget or job the user has, and they can go as high as hexacore on the Intel side or octocore on the AMD side, which is serious overkill for...well pretty much all but a handful of guys. Even me who is a multitasking fool has found my AMD hexacore can do so much work per cycle that it always seems to be dropping into ULV mode waiting for more work from me and when i want to go nuts it can transcode a DVD to AVI and burn a disc AND play my games, no problemo. Why should I care that AMD has an octocore chip out that is 2 gen newer when my hexacore 1035T, which cost a grand total of $105 BTW, has more cycles than I can use?

Finally both Intel and AMD have found that they can use that spare fab capacity (yes i know AMD is now fabless but its common knowledge that the fabs give priority to their best customers) to make the cheap ULV chips like Atom and Bobcat/Jaguar and because those chips are so cheap to make and the OEMs snap them up (especially the AMD APUs, pretty much every sub $350 laptop around here is a Bobcat based) they can keep those fabs humming and with the low cost per chip they can make damned good money off of those. Between Celeron/Pentium and Bobcat/Jaguar/Trinity both companies can still make good money and keep the fabs running, they are a sunk cost after all.

Comment Re:Seven advantages of PlayStation 4 over PCs (Score 1) 385

Sigh, let old Hairy enlighten you because you be buying some BULLSHIT friend.

First of all the Jag is NOT an Octocore, not unless you consider a P4 with HT to be a dual core because that is ALL the Jag is, its a quad with hardware HT baked in. Also its NOT a gaming chip, look up "AMD Bobcat" and you'll see its a NETBOOK chip design primarily for streaming media NOT gaming. I have an E350 Bobcat in my netbook and its nice, but even a first gen Athlon64 X2 will curbstomp it. Both MSFT and Sony are looking at all that netflix money and the Jag (Aka Bobcat 3.0) sucks a lot less power than a full chip...but its also a LOT weaker. Look up the Bobcat benches, you'll see that graphics wise its better than Intel but CPU wise a 1.1GHz Celeron dual will beat it.

Second dude? You be talking to somebody who makes his living doing this and its NOT the case that gets Wifey poo on board, its the controller. I have YET to see a woman do anything but smile like you just gave her a box of chocolates when i slap one of these babies in her hand...why? Because most women can text their asses off and that remote fits their smaller hands sooooo good. You slap that bad boy in her hand and pop up her FB and watch how quickly she is ignoring your ass to play her match 3 games. Then when you show her how easy it is to rip all those kid's movies so no more little Billy crying that his Barney got scratched and won't play, and even let her rip her movies and have them all sorted by rating,even password protected if she wants? Cha ching! Dude seriously, easy fucking sale,REAL easy sale.

Third if BPM crashed? 5 will get you 10 it was NOT the fault of BPM but of Win 8, which is why i don't give my customers that POS. do you have ANY idea how many times I've been paid to do the "refresh my PC" bit until folks get fed up and have me install Win 7? Too damned many times. I am thoroughly convinced there is a serious corruption bug in win 8 and that refresh was put in there because they couldn't fix the bullshit before Ballmer shit it out. Now this is just a guess, not gonna fiddle with that hunk of feces long enough to do an in depth troubleshooting on it but if I had to guess its all that mobile and tweeting twits for shits that is causing the problems as I have noticed those that let me toss metro for something like Start 8 seem to have less issues, still not as stable as Win 7 which knock on wood has been the most solid OS I've ever seen. Try start 8 with the Auntie and see if that helps but you may have to get her Win 7 for best results.

Finally what answer should you give? Do you want to be gangfucked without lube? Buy the console. If you want to 1.- Have total control over your hardware, 2.- Have insanely low prices thanks to competition, 3.- have the choice to have as little or as much DRM as you please, 4.- have a system that will outlast ANY console when it comes to useful life, like how my 7 year old former gaming PC is now my GF's surfing and music box?5.- Want to have MP that lasts more than a few months? Then buy the PC, it'll pay for itself in less than a year with all the money you save.

Just look at the humble bundles, steam has constant sales such as L4D 2 right now is a whole $5, and that isn't even counting the literally thousands of FTP games. I have been selling HTPCs left and right and NOT ONE has wanted to go back to console, NOT ONE. The games are cheaper, the systems can do more (no shitty 500GB HDD that you can't change without paying out the ass thanks to DRM, you can pick up a couple of TB for less than $85 if you watch the sales) so you can have it play games AND be a Music Jukebox AND a Video tank AND even an office box if the one in the den is tied up AND an entertainment center...the options are frankly unlimited man, its just a better deal all around. hell want a controller? You can use anything from an Atari 2600 stick on up, thanks to all the indie games there are a TON of MP on the same screen games, seriously once you have one? the consoles just look like a pale imitation.

Hell if my 71 year old dad can use an HTPC (ripped all his action movies to it and now he can sit in his lazyboy and surf, watch movies, even have life size video chat, all from the comfort of his chair. Naturally he loves the hell out of it) then anybody can, i have plenty of customers with little kids and even they can play their fav games or watch their movies at the push of a button, couldn't be easier and with the price drops it couldn't be cheaper either. Hell you want one that will just blow through games here is an unlocked hexacore for $300 which frankly is a little overkill seeing as how most games don't even stress out a triple yet but whatever, slap a copy of OEM Win 7 and an HD7750 and you'll have a system that not only kicks ass NOW but will be easy peasy to slap a cheap upgrade or two down the road and keep kicking ass. For a perfect example take my system, started out as an Athlon X2 with 400GB HDD, 2GB of RAM, and an HD2400, now its a Phenom 1035T Hexacore, 8GB of RAM, 3TB of HDD, and an HD4850 (will probably go for an HD7770 this fall, first i gotta get my baby a laptop) and how much did those upgrades cost me all total? about $70, just slapped the old parts on Craigslist and made most of the money back on 'em no prob.

So sorry about the length but you DID ask and I always try to respond to a well thought out post with a well thought out answer and some things just don't fit in soundbytes. But as someone who used to be a console guy I can say I don't miss the consoles, I now have more games than i ever had and the cost was insanely cheap, so cheap i often buy games in 4 packs now so i can give a copy to each of my boys and let one of them gift the fourth to a friend...and even getting FOUR copies i pay less than the console guys usually pay for a single copy!

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