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Atheism ultimately is the argument that "I haven't heard a sound argument for a God from anyone so I maintain the default position of nothing on the subject."

Actually, that's the agnostic position - "There's not enough data for a rational determination of the existence of God, therefore the I hold no opinion as to whether God exists or not". Atheism is a positive assertion of the non-existence of God.

Well, that's the rational definition. The kooks at American Atheists are always pissing themselves about how agnostics are just weak-willed atheists or atheists without a backbone. They play the same kind of trick that Southern Baptists do. American Atheists define anyone who does not have a positively asserted belief in God as an atheist. So, in their view, agnostics, most buddhists, daoists, and even babies are all atheists. It's just a game to make their numbers look a lot larger than they really are.

The reason I say this is like the Southern Baptist strategy is that Southern Baptists will claim in one argument that there are over 1.3 billion Christians in the world. Then, in another argument, they will say that Catholics (about 1 billion right there), Eastern Orthodox and other Eastern churches like the Nestorian and Coptic churches (assuming they've even heard of them since a lot of them don't believe in this place call "outside the USA", unless it's somewhere we bomb, but that's a part of their double-think), Lutherans, Methodists, Episcopalians, Anglicans, and just about everyone else that is not them are not really Christians. They'll claim 1.3 billion Christians in the world and then turn around and say that about 1 billion Christians (Catholics) are agents or dupes of Satan.

Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 0) 443

Some say print is dead

Oh, that's very fascinating to me... I read a lot myself. Some people think I'm too intellectual, but I think it's a fabulous way to spend your spare time. I also play racquetball.

I collect spores, molds and fungus.

Comment Re:Why don't we give the pirates a choice (Score 0) 300

Why doesn't the govt give Somalis money for acting morally? If we have to print money to reward virtue, isn't it a good thing and won't society benefit more than if we spend money on punishment, which ends up creating endless cycles of violence and repression?

You know, if you look at some of my other posts, I'm a fairly liberal live-and-let-live kind of guy. But, considering what the Somali pirates are doing, the only solution is to kill the bastards!

Comment Re:Maybe a million monkeys (Score 0) 335

But a DMCA takedown is a lot easier, clearly.

A DMCA takedown requires making a declaration under penalty of perjury, which you cannot legally do unless you understand the meaning of the declaration. This seems to suggest that monkeys cannot file DMCA takedowns, however easy they are to generate. They'd need to employ a lawyer to do it for them. And working for monkeys should be no problem to the kind of lawyer that will work for, say, the RIAA.

That's it! I really must protest you and GP's libelous remarks about monkeys! Monkeys form communities. They look out for each other and care about the social groups they form. They lament the loss of their loved ones. Do lawyers or the RIAA do any of this???

How dare you, sir!

Comment Re:Alternate Headline: North Korea is in the UN (Score 0) 182

So again, why would DPRK quitting the UN be a bad thing?

Well, as I understand it, Kim il Jong is not long for this world (thankfully). Maybe his son will be more reasonable? Or, at least we can start on him early and try to do better with the next generation of North Koreans. Plus, the North Korean citizens growing up now are part of what is called "the stunted generation" due to the food shortages in the 90's. Despite desperate flag waving, some of them probably realize it is not America's fault that they grew up so severely malnourished.

Comment Re:Alternate Headline: North Korea is in the UN (Score 0) 182

It is a slave state, where the population is callously used up as so many food powered robot slaves.

And don't forget the concentration camps in North Korea. If you don't show the utmost fealty to the Great Leader, or if you defect, your whole family will be sent to one to work as slaves until they die. That's one of the reasons defections are so rare. That, and to get through the electric fences separating North and South, you need two people willing to defect. One of the two will almost invariably be electrocuted trying to get through the electrified wires.

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