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Comment Re:First it was HD capacity (Score 1) 588

No, you need to stand up and bash your stupid skull against a wall until you either die or become less stupid. The operating system misrepresenting the size by using a different measurement (binary) than what it is sold as (decimal) is the fault of THE OPERATING SYSTEM DESIGNER. If you survive beating your head into the wall repeatedly, then you may stand up and tell MICROSOFT you're not going to take it any more.

Comment Re:Why all the fuss? (Score 1) 158

And the final issue I don't think you could charge a phone and use the host mode at the same time.

Sure you could. Power is power. It doesn't care whether a device is the host or not. All it does is follow the wire. Just splice a 5V DC brick into the USB cable and plug it in to the wall. The power doesn't care that it is starting in the middle of the cable. It'll just go towards both ends.

Comment Excuses, excuses (Score 0, Flamebait) 510

This current reality is that people have started to rely on having their smartphones with them at all times for things such as receiving emergency calls from day cares and schools, making personal calls during normal working hours

Guess what? Your normal "dumb" phone can do that.

accessing password managers

Really? Surely your employer will allow you to install the damn thing on your work computer.

and scheduling calendar events

Ever heard of this old invention called "paper"? They put a bunch of sheets together, draw grids and numbers and month names on them, and call it a "calendar". If you're really desperate, perhaps you could use the internet access your employer provides to access your Google calendar on your work computer.

Comment Re:Missing the Point Entirely (Score 1) 354

Bullshit. They PROVIDE great weapons inside the plane, if anybody were actually looking to do harm. Just tear apart one of those aluminum cans they serve drinks from and then shred the faces of everyone within reach. How about bludgeoning somebody with your arm or leg? Better make sure only quadriplegics are allowed on planes. But then they might bite, too. So, only your torso is allowed. You get to be reacquainted with your extremities upon arrival.


Submission + - Music Industry Threatens to Bankrupt Pirate Party Members (torrentfreak.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Music industry group the BPI has threatened legal action against six members of the UK Pirate Party, after the party refused to take its Pirate Bay proxy offline. BPI seems to want to hold the individual members of the party responsible for copyright infringements that may occurs via the proxy, which puts them at risk of personal bankruptcy.

Pirate Party leader Loz Kaye criticized the latest music industry threats and reiterated that blocking The Pirate Bay is a disproportionate measure.


Submission + - UK Internet Porn Blocking Rejected (bbc.co.uk)

Gordonjcp writes: The BBC are reporting that the proposed automatic blocking of porn websites by UK ISPs has been rejected by the government. Only 35% of the parents who responded to a survey on filtering wanted an automatic block. The report, drawn from over 3500 responses, found that 80% of all those who responded were in favour of no filtering of any kind.

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