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Comment Re:Dogh qoH! (Score 1) 54

As if? Dude, Hoth IS completely covered in snow and Tattooine WAS presented as nothing else but a desert plant. Endor was completely forest. Dagobah was completely swamp, for all we saw. No other environments were shown. That was my point. It would pretty much be the equivalent of, say, an alien race's entire knowledge of the planet Earth be limited to the movie "Waterworld." I'd like sci-fi planets to be more varied in their on-screen (or even in-written-novel) depictions than just being only "desert" or "swamp" or whatever.

Comment Re:Dogh qoH! (Score 1) 54

Except that it's not JUST ocean only (evidenced by the fact that I'm not breathing through gills). Earth has the environments of all of those other fictitious planets/moons I mentioned combined, plus a lot more. But yeah, I think our planet would have been more accurately named "Sea." Although referring to a human as a "sealing" (ceiling?) would be a little confusing...

Comment Dogh qoH! (Score 1) 54

The thing about these sci-fi languages that I've always thought is silly is that on Earth we have, what, about 6,000 languages? But sci-fi worlds tend to have only one language for the whole planet. Or does that mean that we silly monkey-men have not yet evolved and progressed to the point where we are all one cohesive yellowish, black- brownish,reddish whitish bald race with purple goo on our heads and speak a singular guttural language? Although I have to say, if this is a trend for Australia, watching "Crocodile Dundee" with Klingon voiceovers would be awesome!

Comment My nickname tells the tale... (Score 1) 227

I haven't reached the point of turning into the next Ted Kaczynski, but I often question the claim that technology has made our lives easier overall. The net effect appears to have been to cause everyone to demand instant access and instant responses to everything, complicate our lives, shorten deadline expectations to ridiculous levels, increase "information overload" exponentially, and ultimately create a helluva lot of stress. Excuse me while I fire up Left for Dead and take out my frustrations on some zombie ass...

Comment Can't say I'm surprised (Score 1) 147

A fine match for their disposable e-mails. I have to give kudos to Gmail; my personal account has not seen a single unwanted spam message since its inception. Not one. I used to check the Spam folder to see if anything legit got trashed, but now I just mainly ignore it unless I really want to see anonymous scumbags' assessments about my lack of adequate manhood.

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