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Comment Royalties may be moribund (Score 1) 665

I didn't read the article, just the Slashdot headline. I don't know who this woman is, whether she's good or bad or has any talent. That said, I'll launch into my rant. The days of selling millions of albums/CDs, or even downloads are long gone. The vertically integrated unholy alliance between the record comapnies and radio stations is imploding too-- It just too easy for people to find whatever they want for free. The one thing though that the internet can't do is physically put you in the audience at a live performance. Artists will have to make their livings the old-fashioned way, performing real songs, really singing, playing real intruments, in front of real people. If you're good, then you will always be able to earn a living that way; royalties from recordings won't disappear entirely (nor should they) but they won't be the main source of income. On the other hand, if you're some no-talent Autotuned gimmick like Lady GagMe then I hope you die and burn in hell for all eternity. I'm sympathetic to the artists who're really good, and I'm sorry the old paradigm has collapsed, but it was inevitable. Now go out there and succeed or fail based on your talent and merit.

Comment Re:what about warp4? Warp has some VM issues. (Score 1) 415

HPFS has a partition size limit of 8GB; HPFS386 (from Warp Server AKA 4.5) is 64GB. Both were kind of superseded by JFS, but you can't boot from a JFS partition. Using plain vanilla Warp 4 what I'd do is set up an 8GB partition in the VM to boot from; you could add other drives later if needed. Or, go to that well-known bay site frequented by pirates and search with the keywords "virtualbox warp" and see what you come up with.

Comment Re:what about warp4? Warp has some VM issues. (Score 1) 415

OS/2's memory management was different enough from its 'siblings' at the time, NT 3.51/4 that it wouldn't run under VMware (VMware had 'experimental' support for it a few versions ago that's since been dropped). I'm an old Warp user myself but I'm not sure it'd run under DOSbox or qemu; I never tried to. I did get it running under Virtualbox. For the OP's purposes 3.1 is probably the best way to go.

Comment Re:having just watched the Trek marathon on SyFy (Score 1) 735

I will say that in terms of sheer, punch-you-in-gut pathos, Deep Sleep Nine's "The Visitor" just blew me away. Yes, it's a quasi time travel story-- Jake Sisko watches his father disappear in a chrono-synclastic infundibulum accident and devotes his life to restoring him, succeeding finally as an old man by giving his own life. Powerful, powerful stuff, and for my money one of the best Trek eps ever.

Comment Mars had water once (Score 2) 41

Can we please stop with the "Mars once had water!" stuff? Mars had water once three billion or so years ago. It probably still has traces of it left, and there's possibly primitive life there. We're dicking around in LE-orbit, hitching rides from the Russians. Boots on Mars. Read it. Learn it. Understand it. Make it happen.

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