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Comment There's nothing wrong with PC hardware (Score 5, Insightful) 337

There's nothing wrong with it. In fact, it's miles better than any console. An I5/I7 paired with a midrange graphics card blows them out of the water. The problem isn't the hardware, it's the software writers who write for consoles and then port that back to PCs... Case in point, Skyrim, which has about the most awful interface ever inflcited on the keyboard & mouse using public ever. More first-person shooters that all look the same. No innovation any more. No, the problem is the game companies and their crap.

Comment Pot, meet kettle (Score 1) 111

This is an example of one joke calling another one a joke. John McAfee has just about doomed the company he founded and sold, in just a short time with his crazy drug-addled antics. Meanwhile, Anonymous may be popular with a few hackers and the Slashdot crowd, but they're a bunch of collectivists who get no sympathy from the general public, the internet equivalent of gangbangers with spray paint cans.

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