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Comment Re:Queue The Anarchist & Druggie Comments In.. (Score 1) 318

Rapists don't cause rape, rape laws cause rape.

FTFY. Do you not see where your reasoning is flawed? Your argument essentially boils down to, "people will do whatever they want to do and laws cannot stop that." and also implies that since (a) alcohol is a Bad Thing and (b) alcohol is legal, that other Bad Things should be legal as well. Finally it assumes that people who take hard drugs and become addicts are simply exercising their God-given right to do what they want with their own bodies. Again I say, when those people become so addicted that they become a drain on society, they become everyone's problem.

Two or more wrongs do not equal a right. No law is 100% effective. No man is an island, and what we do or don't do *does* affect others.

Comment Re:Queue The Anarchist & Druggie Comments In.. (Score 1) 318

Drugs have not always been the problem that they are today. When someone becomes so addicted that they can't function then they become a burden on society, and that makes it everyone's problem. Some of these responses I see are so wrapped up in self-congratulatory "Look at me! I'm *compassionate*" declarations that they're almost parody.

Comment Re:Queue The Anarchist & Druggie Comments In.. (Score 1) 318

Your solution to crime is to make nothing illegal. What is solved? You cannot seriously be arguing that hard drugs are a (tm)Good Thing and that everyone should have free or even subsicized access to them. I say this as a pretty regular marijuana smoker. There's a vast world of difference too between the bright internet, that tries to protect the privacy of its users, and the dark internet, which has become a wretched hive of scum and villainy. No, you can't blame the technology, but you can sure blame the people that (ab)use it.

Submission + - Senators Push to Preserve N.S.A. Phone Surveillance (

cold fjord writes: The New York times reports that the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), and Vice Chairman, Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), are moving a bill forward that would “change but preserve” the controversial NSA phone log program. Senator Feinstein believes the program is legal, but wants to improve public confidence. The bill would reduce the time the logs could be kept, require public reports on how often it is used, and require FISA court review of the numbers searched. The bill would require Senate confirmation of the NSA director. It would also give the NSA a one week grace period in applying for permission from a court to continue surveillance of someone that travels from overseas to the United States. The situation created by someone traveling from overseas to the United States has been the source of the largest number of incidents in the US in which NSA's surveillance rules were not properly complied with. The rival bill offered by Senators Wyden (D-OR) and Udall (D-CO) which imposes tougher restrictions is considered less likely to pass. More at The New York Times.

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