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Comment, - Beware! (Score 1) 129

That is precisely the opposite of my experience with Anandtech. When I was shopping for an SSD 18 mos. ago I investigated thoroughly which one to get. The site's negative reviews of OCZ products and their failrue rate jumped out at me. (I ended up getting an Intel 520 Series one, which had stellar reviews from every site I visited)

Comment Re:Does it matter to end users? (Score 1) 113

I used SuSE from 2004 until the fall of 2011, when I switched to Mint. I like both of them, and Mint "just works" out of the box better than SuSE. The lack of nVidia proprietary drivers is a showstopper for my purposes, and requiring root privileges to access NTFS drives might be a security feature, but to me it's a headache. I say all this in the spirit of constructive criticism. However, once you get SuSE configured like you want it, it runs like a champ. I love YAST; it's everything all in one place.

Comment Re:Queue The Anarchist & Druggie Comments In.. (Score 1) 318

Rapists don't cause rape, rape laws cause rape.

FTFY. Do you not see where your reasoning is flawed? Your argument essentially boils down to, "people will do whatever they want to do and laws cannot stop that." and also implies that since (a) alcohol is a Bad Thing and (b) alcohol is legal, that other Bad Things should be legal as well. Finally it assumes that people who take hard drugs and become addicts are simply exercising their God-given right to do what they want with their own bodies. Again I say, when those people become so addicted that they become a drain on society, they become everyone's problem.

Two or more wrongs do not equal a right. No law is 100% effective. No man is an island, and what we do or don't do *does* affect others.

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