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Comment Re:Oh, good (Score 0) 219

This hysteria surrounding GM crops and now the bee thing has always mystified me. Without those GMOs and without those pesticides, yields would be much lower. Technological advances have allowed mankind to multiply farm output per acre many times. Try feeding 7 billion people with mules and cow manure & purely "organic" methods.

Comment Re:Poor decisions lately Mr. Shuttleworth? (Score 2, Interesting) 171

I second this. SUSE is a damn great distro and gives the best KDE4 experience out-of-the-box of ANY Linux. It's easy to install and detects almost everything I've thrown at it (TV cards and wireless might be a problem) and is very user firendly. It gets a bad rep here in /. culture because of the M$ deal. For that matter Fedora's getting a bad rep because of their UEFI Secure Boot deal with M$. Slashdot culture is a funny thing. Criticize Apple and it's like kicking over an anthill. Now apparently ditto Ubuntu and Unity, & Ubuntu's practices. But it's okay to bash Metro and W8, whose lead Shuttleworth seems hell bent on following. Go on, people. Criticize away.

Comment Re:Poor decisions lately Mr. Shuttleworth? (Score 3, Interesting) 171

I'm a Mint user-- Mint's downstream from Ubuntu-- so I can attest to the quality & hard work that its programmers & devs have put into it. My beef is with the direction Ubuntu is taking; drinking the tablet Kool-Aid, and as I mentioned before the adware. As for their revenues, the way to do it right is to make a jim-dandy OS, and sell the support. If I want adware I can get a Windows box.

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