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Comment Re:Maybe blame the haters? (Score 4, Insightful) 1135

You seriously think that a random act of terror will make the security measures show for the security theater they are? Please. Any self-respecting politician will merely point out the security measures are just *inadequate*, and now you will have to strip prior to getting to the air line check in gate, and wait in the security line naked... or some other atrocious invasion of privacy that seems too laughable to mention now but in a short time will be "the next logical step".

I no longer fly, and it's not for fear of terrorism. The cost of flying has gotten too high, even if the financial burden has never been lower.

Comment Re:Store in a water tower (Score 1) 506

I'd rather see windmills than coal, gas, or oil fired generators; I can't see how windmills will poison anything. I really don't care about a few dead birds; the day after the tornados hit here in Springfield in 2006, there were thousands of dead birds everywhere (and far fewer trees for them to live in).

Technically, dead birds don't need trees to live in.

Just Sayin'

Comment Re:My analysis: Gadgets and Everything Else (Score 1) 30

I thought about moderating your comments, but instead I'll post my analysis of your "analysis":

For an article that was about things your kids may never know about, that was a heck of a lot of blather about how the article was wrong because you do all this stuff.

Lucky for you, I didn't need to post two enormous, useless comments just to point this out.

Comment Re:Election Fraud (Score 3, Informative) 494

This may come as a surprise to you... but if you can put the number into a webpage... so can that person in authority. Whether it's a receipt you keep with the vote readable, or a number you put into a webpage.

Any time that you can verify after you leave the polling place which way your vote was recorded ... so can someone else. And that can lead to very serious consequences. Loss of job, family, the stakes are endless.

All that is required for you to verify your vote is a human-readable paper record that will be kept separate from the electronic record, but doesn't leave the polling place. That way you can verify it after you vote electronically, and if a recount is done, the paper trail box can be unlocked and counted.

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