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Comment Re:Both right and wrong move (Score 1) 311

Yes. And, if you read my original post, I am also against the obligation to opting in. I'm against the Government imposing censorship of any kind. I was just trying to express an oppinion. My oppinion is that the Governent should grant by law the obligation of the ISPs to offer an effective way for their clients to OPT OUT of porn, or online gambling, etc., if they so desire. Which is not, I think, the same of censorship in any conceibably way. Regards.

Comment Re:Both right and wrong move (Score 1) 311

I'm neither dumb, or so I think, nor troll. It is you who fall in contradictions when deny me a right to "easily avoid" by asking that to my ISP. I'm afraid you show a little dumbness when fail to recognize than many people simply cannot avoid pornography in any secure an efficient manner. Not taking part in porn it is not the same of being free to not watching it. I simply cannot agree with your arguments against the Administration granting this right by law. I wil repeat this one more time: I'm not in any way advocating in favour of forbidding porn, what I defend is MY right to ask for MY ISP, to which I pay, to filter some content I do not want in MY home, not yours or anybody else's. I'm sorry if I do not make my points clear enough, I'm not a native English speaker.

Comment Re:Both right and wrong move (Score 1) 311

Yes, that is my opinion. That said, I am certainly against censorship by default. I only say that "I" find a simulated rape with explicit sex barbaric, and that in "my" opinion things like that shouldn't be allowed in public places. Again: it is "my" opinion. As long as I do have a real option for not watching it, and provided than the people involved are adults and freely allows to take part, I do have no problems at all. Just, enjoy it if that suits you.

Comment Re:Both right and wrong move (Score 1) 311

"Nobody has a "right" not to see something or be exposed to something that they can easily avoid by choosing not to partake of it." I cannot believe I'm reading this... So, seeing a bullfight should be compulsory, as well as executions, and I don't mean that you can voluntarily go and see the "show", I mean that, according to your reasoning, it should be a must. Where do you come from? North Korea? Besides, your analogy with coffee is nonsense. I'm not saying the Government should grant me the right to forbid anybody to see porn, I'm asking for the option that my ISP, to which I pay, to which I concede the right to filter my traffic, gives ME the technical means to effectively filter some content that I MYSELF don't want in MY home, for whatever the reason. I mean, as far as I'm concerned I'm happy with people filming porn (porn between adults, of course) and with people consuming as much as they want. But I do sincerely think that I fully deserve the right to effectively filter it from MY home, not yours nor anybody else's; a right you seem to negate in the aforementioned sentence.

Comment Re:Both right and wrong move (Score 1) 311

And speaking of commercial filtering programs... come on!! Are you serious?? Is like Windows XP been virus resistant, don't make me laugh. But, anyway, I still don't see why is it so wrong to grant by law my right to ask my company to filter porn. After all, it is me, it is my right and it is me who pays may bill. So, why not? I insist: it is the right to OPTING OUT that should be enforced by law. As far as I'm concerned, porn can remain as it is.

Comment Re:Is watching porn dangerous? (Score 1) 311

Well, it depends on your definition of dangerous. Not, definitely it won't give you cancer. And, if you first see porn as a formed adult, probably it won't be harmful at all. You may find some kind of porn more disgusting or attractive than other. But, believe it or not, pornography is really dangerous in many ways. But you don't have to trust me. Just do some (serious) research, some medical papers, some readings, both on line and in a library, and you will see than porn is far from being "just fun" for many people. People that, by the way, has the same rights as human beings than the rest of us.

Comment Re:Both right and wrong move (Score 0) 311

Sure they are. As ill as diabetics, o people with lung cancer or coronary disease. And, although I see you think of them in pejorative terms, which you should be ashamed of, they really deserve the right to defend themselves and to cure themselves. Just like compulsive gamblers (online gambling is also devastating to many people) have the right to opt out from the casinos by signing a petition (at least, in my country). I don't know, but it seems that I'm no explaining my self right. After all, English is not my native tongue. I'm not saying "forbid porn", by any means. I just say that people should have the right to ask their company to filter porn, and that this right should be granted by law. I don't really see why this is harmful. Really, I don't see why.

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