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Comment Re:Every other day delivery is much better..... (Score 1) 867

Wasting trees is a constructive activity?

And we can find constructive things for them to do after those jobs are gone. If nothing else have them pick up litter in parks and highways- get a real benefit for them.

We don't want to keep people in useless jobs just to keep them employed. The trick is to move them slowly to useful jobs at a rate the economy and safety net can absorb.

Comment Re:Already happening (Score 1) 867

I don't know about your state, but the DMV in WA has my email address. I get my renewal notices by email instead of paper. The IRS could easily adapt- they take my check electronically, they could just as easily email me of problems as physically main me. You're talking minor changes which would probably save them money (although they'd have to be rolled out optionally to support those without computers).

For that matter, I sometimes go months without picking up my mail. I'm easily available by phone, email, and 17 other electronic ways. If its important they'll find me.

Comment Re:No thanks (Score 2) 244

Not being able to uninstall != lockin. Not being able to install a competitor is locking. Not being able to change the default handler is lockin, but you can do that.

Heck, even not being able to uninstall is a feature of the OEM not the OS. Nothing in the OS prevents those apps from being uninstalled- in fact various OEMs have shipped with many of those apps replaced. Samsung uses their own browser, and Verizon was using a different maps app for a while. The fact that it can't be uninstalled is a technical limitation in the fact its typically placed in system memory when shipped for ease of implementation by the OEM.

So yeah, no Android lockin here.

Comment Re:German code comments (Score 1) 238

Hmm, I will add 1 more rule- if you're posting code on a site like stackoverflow, translating to english is helpful. I don't refuse to help code in foreign languages, but I find it difficult to understand large blocks of it and will likely give up quicker. English is best there due to it being the most common language.

Comment Re:Here's an idea (Score 1) 1029

Also both several years past their time. R.I.P.D. is Men in Black undead edition. A year or two after MIB or MIB2 it would have made money. Now it seems old.

Lone Ranger- a radio superhero that nobody really remembers with Johnny Depp. We're all tired of Johnny Depp. It also changes the main character from the lone ranger to the sidekick. You need really good writing and directing to pull that off, the previews and reviews I've read don't show that.

Its not just timing. Its that both of these movies were released several years after the peak time for either the concept or the actor.

Comment Re:Nice but nothing special (Score 1) 151

You're complaining about minor upgrades and then mention more internal storage (which is about as minor as they come, its just dropping in a new part and testing). Extended battery life is really a matter of people choosing to prefer thin to life- increase the thickness 50% and devote it to a battery and you'd see a much better life. People don't tend to care (unfortunately).

Comment The difference is physical reaction. (Score 0) 177

When using the mouse you just click. This is a very fast, almost reflex like movement of your finger. Your finger is moving millimeters of total distance, and the click is registered as soon as it presses down. A keyboard requires your finger to press down further, and the motion to do that is less of a reflex and more a controlled motion.

In short- deal with it, its a difference in how human reflexes work.

Comment Re:Lies (Score 1) 144

I'd rather have a single bedroom apartment in the closest city or even suburb. I've owned property- I will never do it again. Not only is it not cheaper, but I don't want the hassle. Plus the idea of owning a 5 bedroom house unless you have 3 or 4 kids is a little disgusting- its far, far more room than I need. Extra annoyance to clean and keep it up for 0 benefit.

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't live in downtown anywhere with a kid (nowhere for them to play), but I'd still stay in a city and I'd still rent. Its better if for nothing more than the flexibility and ease of mind- owning property only tied me down and made me miss opportunities in life.

Comment Re:Lies (Score 1) 144

You see, I read that as you have to take care of an acre of land (not having to do so is worth at LEAST $100 a month to me, probably more), you have to live with 4 or 5 friends (unless I'm sleeping with them, I would never have a roommate again for any amount of money), and you have to go through all the pain and expense of home repairs, remodeling, and you have the risk of what happens if your friends move out and you suddenly need to pay higher rent. I'd rather pay 1500 a month for a nice apartment near things to do and within walking distance of work. Hell, I'd probably pay twice that.

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