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Comment Re:It's not that simple (Score 1) 978

During my huge weight loss periods I experienced the same thing. I didn't appear to lose muscle mass, however I couldn't lift like I could before.

During high school and year one of college I was around 240. I stopped drinking pop, soda, what-have-you and instantly reduced my calorie intake by about 600-1200 Pepsi calories per day. In two months I had dropped down to 170. I spent the next years lifting and training lightly and never seemed to exceed 180. Then came alcohol. I hovered around 190-200 for a few years. About a year ago I took some serious measures and got back down to 175 for a few months after a shoulder injury. Around then... I started dating my wife about a year ago. In that time I've gotten back up to 200-210 and I have no time for a structured workout regime and I'm one of those casual eaters who doesn't notice that I just ate a candy bar or an entire pizza. Ever. I'm working on it, and I'm sure that if I am mindful of it I won't have the problem anymore. I'm also cutting out beer for a few months.

Comment Re:Hackers Diet FTW. (Score 1) 978

You're right that with a high muscle mass, it's possible to be in the "morbidly obese" category while not actually being fat or unhealthy.

Exactly. I'm about 205 with a BMI of 31.2 which puts me in the "Obese" category. I work for a health care organization and before the economy died here they used to give us free, voluntary yearly health assessments. Each time my height, weight, cholesterol, etc was recorded and anyone with any risks was contacted by a nurse.

Every year I was contacted by the fitness and consoled over the phone on weight loss and the side effects like stress and depression. So, I'd go to their meeting and they'd kick me out. At the time of my last meeting my lean body mass was about 85%. So, I'm obese on paper and fit in real life. Except since I got married a few months back. I'm up about 10-15 lbs of fat. My wife knows how to cook and I never really cooked before.

Comment Re:LyX (Score 1) 823

This is a method I use quite often. The only problem is making sure the flash is off so you don't annoy the instructor. Absolutely priceless. However, I find that if I don't copy the pictures into a notebook then I won't retain it. I just get to do it a little slower.

(also, taking a video of a long lecture is AWESOME)

Comment Re:LyX (Score 1) 823

I always figured the learning 'curve' was a function of ability over time. It always ends on the top of the 'hill' in the sames spot. The curve, however, was generated in how much time was allowed. Therefore, lot's of things to learn in a short period of time would be steep (and likely difficult), however, the same amount of learning over, say, four times as much time would be a more gentle slope (however, this could still be difficult).

If you can learn something "at your leisure" I'd say that the curve becomes trivial because you're not required to "climb" and faster or slower than you wish.

Comment Re:How do you debunk a myth? (Score 1) 600

The Bible says to test a prophecy by seeing if it comes true. It makes sense seeing as most prophecies seem to be making absurd claims. But, then again, some of them come true in one fashion or another.

However, if I've learned anything from Star Trek and other sci fi, you cannot escape a timeline. No matter what... Except, perhaps, in Minority Report.

Comment Re:Trial by jury... (Score 2, Insightful) 304

I don't think this is much of a troll. The legal system can, and periodically is, turned into a popularity contest. There is a very real likelihood that the jurors will act on personal feelings about the company, and/or be swayed because of lawyer speak.

However, it is also possible that the jurors will be fair and impartial. But from what we now know about that district, there really isn't any hope.

Comment Re:What's the Difference Between a Computer Salesm (Score 1) 650

I walked in looking for broadband deals. Comcast usually has a free money deal going on or something. I walked past the mobile phones and some teen asks me what I need. Why not? "I'm looking for in-home broadband."
She replies, "Oh, right this way!" and shows me to the mobile broadband cards.
"Oh, no. I don't want mobile broadband. I want wired broadband into my house. Comcast, you know?"
The reply, "Oh, this is broadband. It's super fast."
"No, I've got mobile broadband and I'm disconnecting it becuase I have no use for it. I want in home, wired, not mobile broadband."
After a very confused look she said, "I'm sorry, I don't think we have that."
Then I walked into the computer section. I expected nothing less than gross incompetence from Best Buy. It's what I got.

Comment Re:But still... (Score 1) 710

No kidding, if it wasn't such a significant initial investment we'd be using LED bulbs in my house 4 months out of the year or more (I like it nice and cool). During the winter we can switch them back. I don't see what's so bad about switching out bulbs two (or more depending on weather) times a year to save some money and some environment.
For the same reason I don't mind letting my computers idle (as much) during the winter since the wasted energy is quite efficiently transformed into heat and pushed out into the surrounding environment. In the summer I unplug the power strips on everything if I'm going to be gone for more than 12 hours. The Xbox get unplugged if I'll be gone for more than an hour. It's older and that power brick stays pretty warm.

Comment Re:hmm (Score 1) 217

I remember those days... back in high school (circa 95-99) when 700 kids shared one ISDN with the staff.... You had to select directories all the way down until you found something you might want. The search only found a directory's name, not contents.

At that time searching was a joke. Nobody really used the internet for anything at school because it was too slow and there was nothing of use on it. Except, perhaps if you could quickly log onto a boobie site when the teacher or librarians hawk-like eyes looked away. Those URLs we memorized...


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