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Researchers Demo ASP.NET Crypto Attack 98

Trailrunner7 writes "The crypto attack against ASP.Net Web apps has gotten a lot of attention this week, and with good reason. Microsoft on Friday night issued a security advisory about the bug, warning customers that it poses a clear danger to their sites. Also on Friday, the researchers who found the bug and implemented the attack against it released a slick video demo of the attack, clearly showing the seriousness of the problem and how simple it is to exploit with their POET tool."

Submission + - Apple lifts ban on native Google Voice application (

SD_92104 writes: Following last weeks change to the iPhone developer agreement and publication of AppReview guidelines, Apple seems to have also changed its view on native Google Voice applications. GV Connect, an application that has been in approval limbo since last year (and has been available as a MacOS Dashboard widget for well over a year) is now available for download from the iPhone AppStore. Let's hope that Apple won't change its mind again and start pulling Google Voice apps again after a while

Submission + - Graffiti makes a comeback on Android (

zachinvest writes: Graffiti, still the most popular handwriting recognition software ever developed for mobile devices, is now available as a free application specifically optimized for Android. This new version includes Japanese input support. Graffiti installs as an alternate Input Method so once installed, you can easily switch into Graffiti mode for all of your text input-and you don’t need a stylus anymore! On today’s high-quality capacitive touch screens, Graffiti input with just your finger works great.

Submission + - Security Vulnerabilities are lower now than 2006 (

darthcamaro writes: Nearly every report we see about technology security paints a bleak picture of increasing security vulnerabilities as the years go by. That's not necessarily the entire truth though. A new report from HP TippingPoint shows that 2006 was the peak year for vulnerabilities and no year since then has exceeded 2006 total number of reported security issues.

"As new products are released we're finding bugs in those products, but a lot of the bugs in 2006 were found in older products," Mike Dausin, manager, Advanced Security Intelligence at HP TippingPoint DVLabs told "In many cases a lot of products really take security very seriously these days and as a result there may be fewer vulnerabilities."


Submission + - About GM's Futuristic EN-V Mini-Cars (incl.videos) (

__aajbyc7391 writes: GM's EN-V (Electric Networked-Vehicle) recently made news by driving autonomously outside the confines of its World Expo 2010 Shanghai pavilion (where it's been on display since March) for the first time. What's an EN-V? This article introduces the EN-V concept vehicle, which integrates a broad range of 'intelligent transportation system' and 'cooperative mobility' principles and technologies. According to GM, the zero-emission concept vehicle was designed to address six key mobility concerns facing residents of big cities: energy, environment, safety, congestion, parking, and affordability. Three short YouTube videos (produced by GM) delve into the overall goals of the EN-V, its design and human-factors considerations, and how the prototypes were constructed. One thought immediately comes to mind, though: where the heck do you stow your groceries?

Submission + - New U.S. Cybersecurity Strategy Revealed (

wiredmikey writes: After meetings at NATO and the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe on cybersecurity, U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary William J. Lynn III detailed the Defense Department’s new cybersecurity strategy at a Brussels gathering sponsored by the Security and Defense Agenda this week.

The first is simply recognizing that cyberspace is a new domain of warfare, on a par with air, sea, land and space. “We need training, we need doctrine, we need all the elements we apply to any other domain,” he said. “That’s the fundamental reason that the U.S. stood up the United States Cyber Command.”

Submission + - Intel Confirms HDCP Encryption Key Leak (

Fumbili writes: Intel on Thursday confirmed that the encryption code posted recently on a content sharing Web site is the master HDCP key used to secure video content on devices with protected interfaces, such as HDMI.

Submission + - Oracle profits up 20%, outpacing industry (

yuna49 writes: Ashlee Vance at the New York Times reports, "Oracle posted better-than-expected results for its first quarter on the back of strong sales of new software products and higher maintenance and support revenue. Wall Street analysts praised the company for turning in such results for a quarter that closed at the end of August, traditionally one of the slowest selling periods. Oracle’s performance also provided a bright spot for the business computing sector, which has produced a mixed bag of results in recent weeks. "

Submission + - US college blocks Facebook and Twitter (

NotBornYesterday writes: A social experiment is underway at a college in Pennsylvania. Eric Darr, the university's provost, was inspired to try the experiment when he observed his 16-year-old daughter at home with Facebook open on her laptop, listening to music on iTunes, and had apps open on her iPhone and three different conversations going on instant messaging – all simultaneously. "It struck me how overpowering all this was, not in a negative way, and it made me wonder what would happen if all that wasn't there."

So, for the past week the private Harrisburg University has cut off access through its networks to Twitter and Facebook, instant messaging services and video chat through Skype. The reaction of the 800 or so students ranged from curious to puzzled to outraged. And the results?

Alexis Rivera, an 18-year-old student of internet security, said she had been surprised by the effect of being deprived of her beloved instant messaging and Facebook. "It's a lot better," she said. "I can pay attention much better now." As it is a laptop university, students have computers open at most lectures. In an average class, Rivera would have AOL, Yahoo, MSN and Skype instant messaging running, with up to seven chats going at the same time. "Normally I'd be chatting to other people in the class about how boring it was," she said. This week, without the distractions, she has found herself taking more notes and following the tutor with greater understanding. She has been doing more homework, as in the past she often missed assignments because she was so busy messaging she didn't hear them. And she's also become more outgoing. "I'm a lot more social," she said. "I talk to a lot more people, face to face, rather than sitting there typing away."


Submission + - Yahoo Spends 503 CPU-Years, Comes Up with Nothing (

jamie writes: "The 2,000,000,000,000,000th bit of pi is zero, which the Yahoo! folks calculated in July using idle slices in a 1000-machine Hadoop cluster. 'To effectively utilize available cluster resources without monopolizing the whole cluster,' they write, 'we developed an elastic computation framework that automatically schedules computation slices...'"

Submission + - The Return of "Best Viewed With Internet Explorer" ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: As part of its launch of the Internet Explorer 9 beta, Microsoft partnered with dozens of companies--from USA Today to BMW--to build sites that show off IE9's support for HTML5 and hardware acceleration. Some of them work extremely poorly in other browsers, and carry messages telling users to download IE9 for the best experience. Let's hope this isn't a return to the bad old days of the 1990s,when it was common for companies to slap "Best Viewed in Internet Explorer" logos on their sites and not even try to work equally well in every browser.

Comment Re:A rose by any other name (Score 1) 646

True story: I stopped eating/drinking anything with sugar in it, other than things like fruit, where it is still in it's original form. I lost 40 lbs in less than 6 months. I even increased the amount of food I was eating, to include MUCH more fat than before.

I was not willing to chew on a piece of sugar cane, so I guess you could say I had to limit my choices somewhat.

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