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Comment Re:Off-topic Maybe (Score 1) 411

kit kat distribution is 8.5% and those numbers are published by Google As an android developer, I can say that targetting 4.0.3 and higher isn't too big of a deal, regardless of how a user feels about the version they are on. Many new features developed are thrown into the support libraries that end up packaged with the app, and its a rarity to come across something needed from a higher api that's not backported. As an android user, my primary phone is stuck on 4.3 (galaxy nexus) and it really doesn't matter.

Comment Re:Bitcoin hype over? (Score 1) 305

People have to use it?! Of course! and banks aren't part of the equation for decentralized currency. So see, you took a valid issue here, people need to use bitcoin, but left off the important part, "as intended".

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency and people are going to have to learn what that really means and how to use it properly for bitcoin to succeed.

Comment no (Score 0) 246

what a crockpot of gas. You mean there are people out there that identify with a brand (idolization) and want to give value to said brand over other "generics" that don't measure up? And this is found with, wait for it ... heavy metal fans.

I'm just going to hamper a guess and say idolization and acting on that is prevalent in any brand of music, and surely other areas of life.


Submission + - Corporate Hackathons: The Fine Line Between Engaging and Exploiting (

dasacc22 writes: Campbell is inviting developers to hack the kitchen with their recipe API, but wait! The API is private, so first you need to submit an idea. If they like the idea, you'll be given access to develop the app. If they like the app, they may give you some money. Otherwise, you can expect to have an app that connects to an API you no longer have access to. The author covers his recent experiences after engaging with Campbell Soup Global Head of Digital and Social, Adam Kmiec, to try and answer the following: "... my question to software developers out there who are thinking of devoting any real effort to a corporate hackathon like this is, “Why?”"

Comment What games keep me from being productive? (Score 1) 951

WTF did you just ask me?

Guess I'm not the target for the question but I use to be an avid gamer, sometimes 30-50+ hours a week only so many years ago. Even today, when I pickup a game, I just have to play it through like a long movie with ramen snacks during downtime.

With that said, I've been primarily working from my laptop which is running linux, and I just don't play games anymore b/c it's inconvenient. I dont want to dual boot, I've messed with wine for over 10 years, and the only game I'm actually active in right now is EVE Online. I run the client in VMWare Workstation 8 on an intel video card of my laptop.

Id like to see steam for linux b/c then I'd have a no nonsense way to see what's available for my platform and who knows, maybe I'd be playing again. If there's some crazy insane awesome sauce windows game that causes me to divorce my wife and disown my kids, I have an old desktop in the corner collecting dust I can play it on.

Comment Re:Screw Actizard, contact (Score 1) 272

actually I've never played WoW, just way too goofy for me. I emailed blizzard to have my account deleted during a diablo III fiasco. They nerfed increased-attack-speed gear, which needed to happen, but I was unaware of this until a couple days before hand and spent all my earned gold left over making it to inferno on IAS stuff.

All that aside, the reason I asked them to delete my account and access to games (starcraft 2, diablo 3) is b/c of how they handled people on their "community" forums. I only use the word community in the sense that it's in the title on the page somewhere. Post after post after post discussing the IAS nerf was deleted, even sane and civil posts where the OP could easily reconcile the difference through discussion.

That's not a community. That's damage control. I could overlook the crap handling of the nerf but shutting up the player base? not so much.

Comment Screw Actizard, contact (Score 2, Interesting) 272

Got fed up with all the BS and emailed to have my account and all my games perma-deleted from their system. Took an untold number of weeks for them to finally follow through on it but I'm now no longer a zard-tard.

Doesn't look like many slashdotters here care, but if you actually do then claim your info back and stop affiliating with this once decent company.

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