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Comment Re:Conflicted (Score 1) 92

eventually this old-man syndrome is going to disperse into the existential shallowness of past thought and kids are going to grow up expecting something completely different every month, week, and day while we're stuck slinging around phrases like old-dogs and new-tricks and making fun of our grandparents trudging around in the snow for 20 miles to read emily dickenson at the town barn, converted school house

Comment Re:FIFTY-SIX (Score 1) 197

Human condition indeed. All I can add is, and don't let the ideals of interrogating cliches interrupt this thought, but the very thing that we as people despair over is a source for magnificent acts, and in performing these, is the very thing that makes us most vulnerable. So when we manage to achieve a high level of cognitive dissonance, lets not just go and rationalize it all away (incorrectly I might add), but let's open ourselves to something more and we might just find ourselves on the opposite side of despair. Sorry to be all magical/mystical towards the end bit there but I dont know what the right words are for my own recent experiences that are hardly unique and probably documented by someone, somewhere, already.

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