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Comment Re:Moved over (Score 1) 269

Yes it does but she no longer has a Palm device (she switched to the iPhone about a year or two ago) and was stuck on version 4 of the software. She was just using Palm desktop at that point to look up old contacts and notes she had made just I just used the move as an opportunity to just put everything in the same place in Outlook.

Comment Moved over (Score 1) 269

Moved to Windows 8 on all of my machines (Home, Work and Laptop) as well as moved both of my parents over from XP to 8.

Really like it so far. It does appear to be a lot faster on my machines. I don't really use metro on my desktop machines, but I use it almost exclusively on my laptop as I mostly just use my laptop for web browsing any way.

My dad really likes 8, my mom doesn't care either way, I'm just glad to get her off of Windows XP and use that as an excuse to get her out of Outlook Express and Palm Desktop for managing her contacts and mail to Outlook so I won't have to deal with any more end of life products.

Comment Re:Invent your own exercises (Score 3, Insightful) 284

Newsflash: Students usually cheat because they DON'T have a strong grasp of the task.

Not necessarily. There are many reasons that people cheat:
1) They are lazy
2) They "don't have the time"
3) They think they're getting away with something

In these cases they use "I don't know how to do it" as the excuse to just cheat, rather than expend the effort required to ask for clarification or practice further until they do grasp the task/concept that they are performing.

For some reason in college (at least my college), people cheating is totally normal and students talk about it like it's no big deal. To me, there is no purpose going to college if you're not going to do any of the work that would teach you something.

Comment Re:A little context (Score 1) 305

That's why it passed with such a high percentage of Yes votes. The part about sex offenders' Internet activity was a single sentence buried in the middle of the voter pamphlet's summary description, so probably was glazed over by most voters.


I was all set to vote for this one until I read that sentence, I would not be surprised if most people just went into the voting booth and were like "Increase penalties for human traffickers, sure, why not" as opposed to actually read what they were voting for.


Submission + - Why Coding at Fifty May be Nifty 4

theodp writes: Enough with the dadgum naysayers. Google's Vivek Haldar lists some good reasons for why you would want to program at fifty (or any other age). Haldar's list would probably get a thumbs-up from billionaire SAS CEO Jim Goodnight, who had this to say about coding when interviewed at age 56: 'I would be happy if I just stayed in my office and programmed all day, to tell you the truth. That is my one real love in life is programming. Programming is sort of like getting to work a puzzle all day long. I actually enjoy it. It's a lot of fun. It's not even work to me. It's just enjoyable. You get to shut out all your other thoughts and just concentrate on this little thing you're trying to do, to make work it. It's nice, very enjoyable.'

Comment Re:Is this really a "death"? (Score 5, Insightful) 134

Except that they are retiring "real" cloud storage like iDisk and only allowing documents... going in the exact opposite direction of Google which moved from only allowing Google Office documents to allowing real cloud storage of all types of files.

It's a weird direction they are going... by getting rid of iDisk they are doing the exact opposite of Google, dropbox, and everyone else.

I think their overall strategy is to move away from the filesystem model since the iPad doesn't expose it to you at all for simplicity, etc. Retiring a service like this makes sense if you keep that in mind.

Doesn't make me want to use it, but that's not the only reason :P

Comment Re:Google for Business? (Score 1) 204

If you _need_ shared contacts like you mentioned in the OP then I would steer away from Google Apps as it has no support for that (as I found out after I switched a business over to it :/), other than that Google Apps is pretty decent.

May be worth a try checking out Office 365 as well, you can get just hosted exchange (under the E1 mail only plan I believe) for $5/user/month with 25GB of storage and all of the regular exchange features.

Comment Re:The Issue At Hand (Score 1) 294

Those MMS text-messages are most likely to be the Group MMS messages that originate from iPhones when you do a group text. To the best of my knowledge, only iPhones support those; they do not even work on Android devices unless you have an app to handle them (very surprisingly, no good ones exist).

They work for me on my BlackBerry 9930.

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