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Comment Re:Is this really a "death"? (Score 5, Insightful) 134

Except that they are retiring "real" cloud storage like iDisk and only allowing documents... going in the exact opposite direction of Google which moved from only allowing Google Office documents to allowing real cloud storage of all types of files.

It's a weird direction they are going... by getting rid of iDisk they are doing the exact opposite of Google, dropbox, and everyone else.

I think their overall strategy is to move away from the filesystem model since the iPad doesn't expose it to you at all for simplicity, etc. Retiring a service like this makes sense if you keep that in mind.

Doesn't make me want to use it, but that's not the only reason :P

Comment Re:Google for Business? (Score 1) 204

If you _need_ shared contacts like you mentioned in the OP then I would steer away from Google Apps as it has no support for that (as I found out after I switched a business over to it :/), other than that Google Apps is pretty decent.

May be worth a try checking out Office 365 as well, you can get just hosted exchange (under the E1 mail only plan I believe) for $5/user/month with 25GB of storage and all of the regular exchange features.

Comment Re:The Issue At Hand (Score 1) 294

Those MMS text-messages are most likely to be the Group MMS messages that originate from iPhones when you do a group text. To the best of my knowledge, only iPhones support those; they do not even work on Android devices unless you have an app to handle them (very surprisingly, no good ones exist).

They work for me on my BlackBerry 9930.

Comment Re:What next? (Score 1) 319

You joke... but I did get stabbed with a pencil on the playground. I had a "graphite" tattoo where the lead entered me- faded over a few years- but it remained for a while.

Hah, I still have a piece of graphite in my finger from childhood. I think it was accidentally self inflicted though :P

Comment Re:Doesn't really make sense (Score 1) 191

It's not about altruism, it's about longer term incentives. If Bitcoin fails to work properly because people hoard transactions then the worth of your own Bitcoin using business and stored value goes down.

Wouldn't the value of your bitcoins go up/stay stable as the supply of bitcoins would decrease (even slightly) by you being a jerk?

Comment Re:iPad killers... aren't (Score 1) 381

Sounds like you sold out to Apple and have stopped caring about what happens in the rest of the world, or you are desperate to justify all the money you have shelled out.

What? He doesn't even own an iPad...

Sure, the iPad still kills anything else for software, but if you want a tablet for actual tablet uses of games and movies and reading and browsing, the Galaxy Tab is great.

How many people do you know who bought the iPad for the software?

As far as I recall web browsers, movie players and games are all software. The ease of use and the smoothness of how Apple handles all of these functions are what people buy the iPad for. It's the same reason a lot of people buy the iPhone.

As for the rest of your comment, I have no idea. The poster that you replied to was talking about how the iPad is the same price as other tablet competitors but has much better software it would therefore be the cheaper option. Not sure how this lead into $2k Apple laptops as you admit yourself that a tablet != a laptop.

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