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Comment Bad, bad stuff (Score 4, Interesting) 219

What these companies do is serially violate Wikipedia policies while padding with fluff or outright lies. I'm not against paid editing itself, and a few people do it without problems, but the more known companies have methods they use are purely deceptive and they cause a great deal of expense and problems because of the thousands of sockpuppets they create, and the hit and run methods. They are not doing this in an open and honest way, whatsoever.

Trust me. If I know anything, this I know, and I know it first hand from actually working the SPI cases.

Comment Re:yep (Score 1) 671

Sorry, but you are clueless. They don't get a "tax benefit", other than they can write it off as a business expense, just as they already do for wages. The only advantage to the employer is that it is easier to keep good employees with reasonable health care. They don't get any other bonus writeoffs.

The EMPLOYEE gets a tax advantage, because before Obamacare, I could pay for my insurance using pre-tax dollars. Now I have to use post tax dollars. Instantly, my health insurance costs just shot up over 35% since that means I use dollars AFTER I pay Social Security, Federal Income tax and State income tax.

Comment Re:yep (Score 1, Informative) 671

OMG, holy cow and all that. Speaking as someone who has started and sold a couple of small businesses, I can promise you that Obamacare will NOT make it easier. There is even a tax for every employee, whether you have health insurance or not. Sorry to burst your bubble (and no matter how you feel about Obamacare in general) but more regulations do NOT make it easier to start a business, no matter what kind of regulations they are.

Comment Re:Cant help you, give me your information (Score 4, Informative) 221

Ping time can geolocate? Within 10 feet. I'm about to piss on myself laughing. Ping is more determined by quality of network than distance, and varies according to the route each ping takes. You assumptions assume every route is the same, or is on a cell phone. They are not.

Go play network expert somewhere else, and get off my lawn.

Comment Re:Hmmm ... (Score 1) 221

Jesus Christ, the signal to noise ratio has gone insane at /.

In the US, the law is dictated by where the call is generated. Some states allow recording, some states do not, some states allow for "single party consent" (as along as ONE of the parties know) and some require notification before the call starts or beeping tones every $x seconds.

He called from outside of the US, so US law is irrelevant here.

Comment I'm seeing a pattern here (Score 1) 533

The law seems to love sensationalizing terms relating to weapons.

Semiautomatic rifle with a vaguely military appearance? Assault rifle! (which more properly refers to fully-automatic rifles)
Any fully-automatic weapon? Machine gun! (which more properly refers to big belt-fed weapons and the like)
An explosive device? Weapon of mass destruction! (which more properly refers to a nuclear, biological, or chemical weapon)

Comment Re:Additional extra smart Features - (Score 1) 558

So many flaws with this proposal. Why the assumption that no one will need self-defense around "schools, malls and movie theatres"? Who buys a computing device that loses all of its config settings every four hours? Why does your remote disable feature have a loophole for corporate and government owned guns (guns not in the possession of a single owner would seem to be the most likely to get lost and need a remote disable)? How is your friend or foe feature supposed to work?

The most glaring flaw is adding lots of battery-intensive requirements (GPS, broadcasting signals, pinging other devices, and listening for remote disable signals) and adding them to a device used in life-and-death emergencies. When dead battery potentially equals dead user, this doesn't seem like the wisest course of action.

Comment Re: If your group is (Score 1) 719

What a load of crap. Most teachers salaries are paid for with local and state funds, not federal income tax. And if you don't have a home, it is highly unlikely you have any deductions that can be itemized. This likely means you are part of the 45% or so that don't even pay any effective income tax, so you would hardly be starving the federal govt. Hate to rant, but this is just trolling and I don't have mod points.


So What If Yahoo's New Dads Get Less Leave Than Moms? 832

Dawn Kawamoto writes "Yahoo rolled out an expanded maternity/paternity policy that doubled the family leave for moms to 16 weeks. But new dads at Yahoo get only 8 weeks. It turns out that Yahoo is not the only Fortune 500 company to short-shrift news dads. But, really, do new dads think it's worth crying over? Hmmm...changing diapers or cleaning up code — both are messy, but one smells less."

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