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Comment Re:It's an artform (Score 1) 240

This isn't about learning photography, for kids it's about being retro/hip/individual.

The fact that their pics come out like shit, under exposed, over, out of focus, etc will only add to it like paying extra for ripped, washed jeans or punk music played badly.

For some it might be about being hip, but some might be inspired to continue expressing themselves with a camera. I am not so cynical to think that all kids are mindless followers of fashion.
My first attempts at developing photos were less than perfect. That didn't discourage me. I learned from my failures. Chances are good those kids will make the same mistakes I made. The committed won't be discouraged.

Comment Re:It's an artform (Score 1) 240

I loved the tactile stimulation of developing my own film. I can still smell the chemicals and the light in the enlarger. I liked watching the image appear in the developer tray. I liked using my hands for the dodge burn under the enlarger. I like using manual lenses and manual transmissions in my cars. I like being involved in the process.

Comment Re:It's a hipster thing (Score 1) 240

I shoot digital, and there are times when I want to be hands on with focus and aperture. One of my favorite lenses is a Tokina EL 28mm. I have a reverse ring that I attach to the filter ring. What the reverse ring does is allows me to shoot macro by reversing the lens. I can switch from standard to macro in seconds with this setup. Different lenses have different characteristics. My old Industar 50-2 has wonderful bokeh and works well as a Macro lens when teamed with extension tubes. Using those old lenses forces me to slow down and become more deliberate in the process of taking photos. Instead of coming home with 150 photos, I end up with 30 to 40 photos. There will be less throwaway images when using manual lenses. There will be some spoiled images because I didn't get the focus right, but that's OK. The remaining images are framed much better. My next lens will be the Rokinon 14mm 2.8. It's a manual lens.

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