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Comment Re:Every other day delivery is much better..... (Score 5, Insightful) 867

They are not trying to save the Post Office, they want to kill it. If you remember, it was the Republicans in 2006 that passed a "reform" bill that forces the Post Office to put $5 billion a year into a pension fund to pay for pensions 75 years into the future. They want the fund filled within a 10 year period. The Post Office already has a pension fund and other worker funded retirement plans. The Republicans created the problem, and now they are using the shortfall as reason for attacking the Post Office. Post Office jobs are good paying middle class jobs. If the Republicans succeed in killing the post office, hundreds of thousands of jobs would be lost, including businesses that depend on the Post Office and the buying power of postal workers. It would also hurt UPS and FedEX. They use the Post Office for the last mile in regions they find unprofitable.

Comment A cross between... (Score 1) 146

The flying boxcar and the flying crane. It would be a twin boom aircraft with a central body like the flying crane, but shorter and without the prop. The roof of the rail car would be shaped like the flash shoe on a camera. You just wheel the rail car under the plane and "clip" it in place. Fore/aft balance would be the tough issue, especially when "dead heading."

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