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Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 1130

Our house was used for dive bombing training. There were no dummy bombs, they were practicing the maneuver. I was just a kid and I loved it. The chickens didn't. I think the planes were the A 24 Dauntless. Dad finally called and complained. Around that time he was doing work on the pilot's harness for the Delta Dart. I remember him mentioning a pilot's body passing through the harness. They had issues with the ejection seat killing pilots.

Comment Re:they lost a marketing opportunity (Score 1) 709

It depends on the cut and the skill of the chef. I've had horse and it was lean but tasty. The best wild meat I've had is feral pig. Buffalo comes in second, venison third, and elk comes in last. The elk was tough. Again, it could have been the cut and how it was prepared that caused the shoe leather texture. Rabbit is good meat. It is very efficient at turning plant matter into protein. Goat is excellent, and so is bullfrog. Bluegill cooked over a camp fire is as good as it gets.

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