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Comment A cross between... (Score 1) 146

The flying boxcar and the flying crane. It would be a twin boom aircraft with a central body like the flying crane, but shorter and without the prop. The roof of the rail car would be shaped like the flash shoe on a camera. You just wheel the rail car under the plane and "clip" it in place. Fore/aft balance would be the tough issue, especially when "dead heading."

Comment Re: You ever eat Shrimp or Lobster? (Score 1) 626

I'll eat just about anything, I just know people who won't eat Venison or elk. I don't know why, but I guess they are people who are unwilling to try something different. My wife was like that, but since she's tried Bison, she has had a change of heart. I think it has to do with the factory farms and all the crap put in the meat. Michael Pollan's books have helped broaden her diet.

Comment Invasive species taste good. (Score 1) 626

If we are overrun by Monk Parrots, eat them. Same goes with feral pigs, Asian Carp and Snakehead fish. Feral Pig is very tasty. Don't eat Florida Pythons, they contain high levels of mercury. Rabbits are a good alternative to beef. They are high in protein, and offer high iron for those who need iron in their diet.

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